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what are the best pre ps2 football games?

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If talking about 2D, it would be International Superstar Soccer Deluxe
For 3D, any of the ISS Pro Evolution games.

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virtua striker, sega worldwide soccer 97, 98, Nihon Soccer RPG, J League Striker 1998

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will give pro evo a go dont think i played any pro evo game until the ps2

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Try Ronaldo V football on PS1. Most underrated for me, really playable.

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2D - Sensible Soccer. Sensible World of Soccer on Amiga has way more content, but gameplay wise the Mega Drive versions are fine. SNES sucks shit.
3D - ISS games on N64

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Yeah stick with Konami's International Superstar Soccer series.
ISSS64 is a must.

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Fifa 98-2000 including World Cup 98
Sensible Soccer
International Superstar Soccer series on SNES and N64
Winning Eleven/ Pro Evo Soccer on PSX and PS2
Super Soccer/Super Formation Soccer series on SNES
Tehkan World Cup/Tecmo World Cup Soccer arcade/NES
Capcom Soccer Shootout for SNES

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Bakuretsu Soccer

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I don't even like sportsball, but show some respect

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Hahahaha ronaldinho saukerr

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5 a side down at the leisure center is pretty good

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winning eleven 2002

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Sensible Soccer is the best of all time

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Is that a JVC? Looks nice

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Well, it is Roberto Carlos

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yeah, its okay. has no rgb/scart input ill probably mod it at some point. the resolution is low i think because text on ps2 games is basically unreadable. It also has no way to adjust the vertical positioning even in the hidden menu which is quite annoying

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You'll find all of them in the arcade. Fuck home vidya kickball.

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Worldwide Soccer 98 Sega Saturn

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