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I been searching for a Super Sprint clone for Windows from around 2005 or so, don't remember if the game was made in Flash or not, but I remember you could open user custom made tracks in a win dialog window. The graphic were pretty good for a free game, don't recall if they were fully 3D or just prerenderedm but I remember if you made larger tracks in the included editor, the camera zoomed out to acomodate, so maybe the games was 3D. Also I remember the game included a ton of tracks, probably made by users, but don't know if they came included with the game or somebody downloaded separatly. Also the game fitted in a 3.5 floppy disk. Anybody knows wich game it was?

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That was fast, thanks a lot guys!

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Is it that one?

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Since this thread is over, I'll hijack it.
I'm looking for an old DOS game, probably a freeware, it was first person with fully primitive 3D graphics and flat textures. The only thing I remember is there was a room in the middle of the map, sorrounded by water, inside was a trip laser that killed you, and to cross the water you had to chop a tree to pass over it. Maybe there was a small shed too where you get something but I don't know if I mistaken with a similar game.

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Yep, thanks!

Sorry, no idea, maybe Maze War? Sleeping Gods Lie?

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No, it looks like those game though.
If it helps, I remenber it had no HUD, nor weapons or enemies (as far as I played), it was more like an adventure exploration game.

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Can anyone help me with a top down racer on PC that looked very similar to this? Maybe late 90s? Possibly called "formula..." something.

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Little Racers?

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play slicks'n'slide. or death rally.

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Anyone ever play Super Grand Prix on the Amiga? Can drive bikes, cars, think a tank and a Sinclair C5 was an option too.

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