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There's really like no other Thanksgiving themed games is there?

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Yeah, South Park Rally.

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What was meant by this?

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Any game where you can massacre indians counts as thanksgiving themed. I'm gonna observe today by beating the shit out of T-Hawk.

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dreamcast version is better

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>not doing it with Guile

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Does Custer's revenge count

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Thanksgiving is for eating. What do you expect?

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If you're questioning "Swift Justice and the Hired Goons," it's a band name. Presumably, at least one of the members was quite close with someone in Iguana Entertainment and, later, Renegade Kid, as they were credited in a few games from those developers.

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I didn't know there was a Dreamcast version. I remember the PC and PS1 versions sucked compared to the N64 version, the Turok engine did not run well there.

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You're thinking of SP Rally, the FPS never got ported there

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