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I want to build my own analog video switcher for my consoles. But I can't find any female scart connectors on mouser or digikey or even lcsc. I know I'll have to make my own cables but what connectors can be used instead of the scart plugs? RCA jacks?

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Just buy a 100 pack on AliExpress, never run out of femscart connectors again

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Are there any that aren't completele garbage? It took me a while to find a place where I can buy male scart plugs for my cables.

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I've been wanting to do the same.
Aliexpress is the only place I've been able to find scart connectors.
Does anyone know what you call those switches? That's the part I haven't been able to find.

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Looks like a pushbutton bank switch with 9 contacts.

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Why all this effort just to stick to a shit connector? Just use BNC and a matrix switch.

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SCART was designed in 1980 to be plugged once and never be touched again. SCART switch boxes fulfill this concept perfectly.

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Or an 18-pin 6 row interlock push switch, $2.54


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Is there really a quality difference between BNC and RCA (speaking about parts you can actually buy new on Mouser or DigiKey)?

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No, but extron matrix switches are high quality and cheap.

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>I can't find any female

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>Pah. The baby's playing with your tool chest again.
>Dag nabbit. If he loses another eye he'll only have 26 left

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TME has them, bought them last time to make a VGA to SCART converter: https://www.tme.eu/en/details/scart-17/euro-hdmi-connectors/ninigi/

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i dont understand what the point of this is?
to have a shitload of cables\wires everywhere?
to have a fire-hazard shitload of fuck behind the tv?
why would you leave vintage electronics plugged in 24\7?

why cant you just plug in an AV extension cable and use it on a per-system basis?
does it really take you more than 20 seconds to plug it in each time?


all controllers, wires, bullshit, etc
is in a fucking drawer where normies cant see them

fuck cable management
fuck op for wasting money on this retarded shit
fuck having a messy absolutely disgusting battlestation


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i havent seen this pasta in years anon

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