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When I was a kid I loved dragon warrior for NES. Now as an adult I want to make my own RPG in the spirit of dragon warrior but with more modern story telling. Do you think a game like that would have an audience today? Of course, the graphics would be "shit" but I would focus more on the story and gameplay.

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Grinsia and other rpgs like that did well enough for themselves.

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use gamemaker if you do

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>Do you think a game like that would have an audience today?

I'm trying to imagine what course your life must have taken that you're somehow not aware that literally 6,000,000 such projects already exist.

Literally everyone has made a cheapass Dragon Quest ripoff. There are entire engines designed just for streamlining that process. You can drown in them on the steam store. "Would anyone be interested it?" Do you think you can design one that stands above the sea of thousands of schlock titles?

I mean hey, I'm not trying to demoralize you here, go for it, but man how do you miss seeing the climate on something like this.

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When I was a kid, we had dreams of the future when it came to video games. We'd always speculate about how advanced video games would be in the future. Would they all be 3D? Would virtual reality be a thing? Would they be indistinguishable from cartoons?

New video games were engrossing, because they were slowly inching toward those goals. They'd constantly push and question what a video game "should" look like.Even NES RPGs were engrossing because of the detailed enemy sprites and gigantic world maps.

I think any game that tries to capture the look of a specific time period is inherently missing the spirit of that time period. Those games aren't being made with the intent to push technology to its limits or try new things. They're empty nostalgia trips that miss what made those games great in the first place.

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i like 8bit graphics a lot, even though i'm not a fan of 8bit music. i like dragon warrior 1 for its simplicity and how it encourages exploration on a world map, with no lengthy, cryptic dungeons. the 1 party member thing is good. the name mechanic where your name decides your stats shows they had a fire lit under them when they made this.

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Do it using Pico 8. Looks the easiest way to do a retro style game plus you get to learn Lua.

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The audience for old system JRPGs does exist but I doubt it is large. Approach it as a labor of love side project or a learning experience but not as a means of significant income.
>but with more modern story telling.
What does this mean?
>I would focus more on the story
The story is the part I care about least in a JRPG.

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The problem is exactly that there were too many of those projects, too many programs designed so anyone can make his own RPG, which lead to a pile of mediocre stuff so noone is interested in this anymore.

So you'd really have to make something that stands out or already be someon.

The other issue is that RPGs have for long turned into something for which what matters the most are story and graphics. This can be said for many genres, but more so for RPGs. And the entire point of making an oldschool Famicom style RPG would be an emphasis on gameplay, something the RPG audience does not care for anymore.

I too have a bunch of ideas for a Famicom RPG, and I already am a retro game designer with a foot in the industry, but I doubt I will ever fullfill this RPG idea because it is too risky. But if I had to do it, I would make sure not to use any of the shit "do it yourself" programs peoplel are recommending you, make sure to hire a visual artist that stands out, but only after a market research that tells me if and how I can release it in Japan.

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If you want "modern storytelling" in a JRPG, google "top earthbound clones". You'll find no shortage of bearded genx postmodernists trying to express the ennui of their existence through overly cute sprites and kitschy ironic Americana.

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>Do you think a game like that would have an audience today?
Frankly, no. The simple story is a part of the charm of the old games, a modern cutscene filled railroad is entirely at odds with the open, exploration focused adventure that DQ1 focuses on.

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There's about a trillion rpg maker games on Steam, but how many of them are actually a DQ rip-off? (rather than generic fantasy). I don't think I've actually seen any

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