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I'm wanting to get a GB X7 pn top of a Megadrive X5 since they are on sale, but I'm having a hard time convincing myself to go for the former. Besides Crystal, Mario, Zelda and Wario games I can't think of any great games on the Gameboy/Color.

What are some amazing games that I should play, as I know there is a Star Ocean JRPG which is interesting to me.

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Idk that's pretty much it lmao (also shantae)

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gbc has very few games, it was only around for 2 years. it's the 32x of gameboy.

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>10% off

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Playing on an actual GBC is such a bad experience I wouldn’t bother even if it had 10x the amount of worthwhile games.

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The are some good romhacks that make monochrome GB only games become GBC.
Also, Japan had a lot more GBC games, so you could look for translations.

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This is a shill thread.

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Well what about original Gameboy? I feel like I might as well emulate all the gameboy games on my 2DS and New 3DS XL at this point. The Megadrive Everdrive X5 for $60 seems good as I would only play Phantasy Star, Shining Forces and Castlevania for the immediate future. Sega CD just doesn't seem to have many games that are worth paying the $200 for.

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You can emulate every handheld without issue.
I see buying the everdrives and flashcarts as more of wanting to play with the original hardware without paying inflated prices for the actual games.
My now wife once berated me for playing Wii games in emulator, since I wasn't using the Wii-mote. Her argument was that, as shitty as it could be at times, playing with the Wii-mote or GC controller was the way it was "meant" to be played. I then got a cheap Wii and after playing I agree with her reasoning.

Concerning the MegaDrive, if you don't want to pay for the ED, you could at least buy the original controller and some USB converter to play on PC. That would at least get you as close to the """original experience""" as possible with a budget.
Handhelds are trickier since the controller is the handheld itself. Following this argument, the only ED one would ever need would then be those for handhelds. The console "feel" could well be replicated with perfect PC emulation and an original controller.

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I brought my old GBC out just recently to play the Zelda Oracle games. I think I played for five hours and stopped because I couldn’t stand the screen. I opted to emulate on my Vita instead. Comfy to hold with the grip I have for it, nice screen, and performs well with a single shader for the DMG effect and the emulator core adjusts the color on its own. I compared the screens side by side, and it’s damn close.
I can’t recommend anyone playing a GBC anymore. It’s fun for a short while, but it’s a very short while for me. I’ve used my 3DS for that before, but the screen isn’t as good and it bothers me to have the other screen blank, doing nothing.

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Oh cool, a sale.
>10% off
never mind.

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Pretty much. After he increased the prices 10% earlier this year.

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It sounds like you want to be convinced to buy this and to me that’s a good sign you shouldn’t waste your money on something you don’t really need/want

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You are right

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Be grateful, this is anti Semitic to say this

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Why not get a GB X5? It's less than half the price and you still get the full GBC experience, just without savestates.

As for games, everyone always pisses on the GBC for having no gamez, but in terms of quality it still has a lot to offer IMO. Especially if you like 8bit style RPGs. Plus you have the original Gameboy library with a ton of great games like TMNT, Mega Man, Contra, Metroid, Kid Icarus, Donkey Kong, etc.

I think "/v/'s recommended games" lists give a pretty good overview of the games that are worth playing.

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The fuck, flash carts have save states now? On actual hardware?
That seems so pointless and soulless, might as well just emulate.

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The wat?

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Only some everdrives have it and it can be kinda buggy for some games. The everdrive 64 for example doesn't have it.

I have mixed feelings about savestates. Some games are just so unforgiving and hard that they can enhance the experience.

Artifical difficulty sucks especially if you have to start a whole game over again because you died halfway through a playthrough. Or you fell off a ledge and have to climb back up. I can understand not wanting to spend weeks to "git gud" at a game that is otherwise pretty short. Older games often times misuse difficulty as a way to extend replayability, that's just a fact.

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A lot of game boy games only have password saving, I think it's quite convenient to use on those.

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Question: How badly I need RTC for Pokemon series?

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only gsc use the rtc
frankly they're probably not nearly as enjoyable without it. the game has a bunch of time-of-day and day-of-week based events

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>Pokémon series
That would only be gen2 (so only Pokémon Crystal basically), not the first gen.

There are patches out there that allow you to set the clock from the Pokégear menu, but it may not be 100% equivalent to a real RTC. I'd try it out on an emulator and decide if it's acceptable for you.

It's kinda silly that Krikkz didn't include an RTC since they are so inexpensive and you can basically get away with using a supercap instead of a real battery if you're ok with a 30 day retention period so you wouldn't have to worry about battery shipping restrictions. That would mean after 30 days of not playing you would have to re-enter the date and time in the everdrive menu.

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>It's kinda silly that Krikkz didn't include an RTC since they are so inexpensive and you can basically get away with using a supercap instead of a real battery if you're ok with a 30 day retention period so you wouldn't have to worry about battery shipping restrictions.
If the RTC is an essential feature for you, you can get an EZ Flash Jr. Battery drain is kinda heavy though.

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Gen 2 was built around it. Like some Pokémon only show up once a week, real time.

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Are there any romhacks that base it on ingame time instead?

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No idea, I seek out original carts for Pokémon games to maintain comparability with Pokemon stadium. You are missing half the experience if you don't.

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Yeah, you can get flashcarts with that compatibility but they're otherwise so limited that it doesn't make much sense.

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I just seek out ones with dead batteries. I was already going to swap the battery when I got it.

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What a dumb fucking idea it was marrying that shit cunt.

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