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Do you own any rare /vr/ merch piece?

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What am i looking at

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A shirtless man wearing JNCO's staring at an execution.

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Lol didn’t pay good attention to the album

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Anything that isn't 100% Peter Gabriel I'm uninterested in.

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It is, that albums almost entirely Peter Gabriel

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>it is
Phil Collins is shit.

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The lamb has more Peter Gabriel on it than his solo albums do. And Phil Collins is behind the drum kit the entire time. Why are you posting about an album you haven’t listened to lol

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Fun fact: they auctioned off Iwata-san's body parts at a secret auction. I own one of his fingers maybe

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A bunch of pens and shit from E3s, and a 90s LucasArts hat

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That’s a manbaby

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Is this a bot?

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The original painting for the arcade game Metamorphic Force, if that counts as merch

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>doesn’t post a pic of it
What a weird lie

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I have these if you consider them merch. I think they're both fairly rare

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idk you tell me, whats rare here?

(i went to ebay and that dk 1994 keychain is quite expensive)

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>dirty lens
>baby toys

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my nice phone is charging.
>baby toys
defuk did you just say about my subaru

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>my nice phone

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are you autist or something?

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I have a watch that looks exactly the like one bond uses in the goldeneye game, I got it off a catalog selling movie merch.

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I have it stored in a box now, but here's an old photo.

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i have a copy of yoshi's island that went into display cases and is marked as not being for sale

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i have some pokemon shirts from the late 90s
i have some arcade pcb in working order from early 80s
i have some ocarina of time OST piano tracks on clear vinyl that my indie label gives out for free when large orders are placed

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that's not merch retard

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>Pokémon shirts
I think I still have a couple of those from back then, same with two Ocarina of Time shirts (one with Link, one with Ganondorf), plus a few official Duke 3D shirts (glow in the dark logo with Come Get Some text, and another with the main Duke on Pig Cop corpses art). Also have a couple 3DRealms-era Duke Nukem Forever shirts that I bought from Joe Siegler via ebay, back around when 3DR closed in the late 2000s.

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Derp. Enforcer corpses.

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best album

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wow hot take, so fresh

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