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I could not finish this without save state
am I bad at videogames or is this normal?
I don't want to feel depressed

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>am I bad at videogames

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Hero Tonma was nothing but a frustrating coin muncher in the arcades and the PC-Engine version didn't make it any easier.

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Thanks. It's really a good game but it should have been made with 3 hit and not 1 hit death

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I dunno, I don't think it's THAT hard for an arcade quarter-muncher, I beat it in an afternoon a few years ago, and just generally relied on the fire shield for absorbing enemy hits when I needed it for a fighting chance. It's honestly easier and generally more fair than the Ghosts 'n Goblins games for a game of its ilk.

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Holy scrub alert. Lern2play. 1cc's are entirely possible.

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>fire shield
You mean that blue fire balls?

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PC Engine games are kind of annoying to get into. There's a handful of really solid ones, but being an 8-bit machine it still retains a lot of the crazy difficulty from the NES era. That said, I've never played that game

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It`s a great port in my opinion. PC Engine games are easier (less coin eater) than Genesis, most of the time

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Yeah, and if you keep leveling up your power-ups, you have a bunch of nearly screen-clearing attacks to take out most enemies. Also don't play in a rush, there's no timer so you can take your time going around enemies or waiting for an opening to attack.

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>and the PC-Engine version didn't make it any easier.

it's a little easier. there's also a new "duck" feature thats handy for the final boss
most pce games are on the easier side of difficulty, though there are exceptions. i've never been able to beat r-type or genpei toumaden

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