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This console has zero good games.

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You have zero X chromosomes.

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I like Phantasy Star and Golden Axe Warrior

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Is this your way of asking for SMS recommendations?

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So you're an American who didn't have access to most of the systems library and thinks the NES is the be all and end all of 8-bit gaming?

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na it has wing warrior which is a homebrew game. i don't remember if it's wing warriors, plural. it's a shmup.

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The Sega system definitely has good games and not just the game gear ports.
It was inferior to NES, but to say Sega system has bad games would be an outright lie.

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Sega Master System.

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It had some good euro only Donald Duck games but that's about it

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It has one of the best games ever made

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>euro only Donald Duck games
Lucky Dime Caper and Deep Duck Trouble are both also on the Game Gear.

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factually wrong

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It has the best version of Ninja Gaiden

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I dont think thats physically possible to happen to someone anon

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The Game Gear sucks though.

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It's not as good as Genesis or Game Gear, but it still has some good games. Especially Sonic, Wonder Boy, and Alex Kidd. And I guess Shining Force depending on who you talk to

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I liked dragon crystal

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It's got a version of Space Harrier so that's one good game

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Hands down, best game in the SMS.
Ninja Gaiden, Sonic, Alex Kidd (Miracle and Shinobi), a pretty good port of R-Type, both Mickey Mouse games...

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>outright superior port on the pc engine
at least you have phantasy star and a couple mickey games, i guess...

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The only SMS game I remember playing was Gangster Town. A long time ago, a local department store had a demo system set up in their electronics department. The fact that shooting a bad guy turned him into a angel and then shooting him AGAIN made him descend into Hell instead, had me giggling uncontrollably as a kid.

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This game is great until you get dropped into an area with no exit

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Fewer games but better quality over NES.

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are these good?

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it has good games but no truly great games like the nes had
such as mario, zelda, the list goes on...

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Golden Axe Warrior, Wonder Boy 2 and 3, Alexx Kidd, Phantasy Star, Donald Duck, Asterix...

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The area will always have an exit, problem is; sometimes secret passages are in the way (see Fatal Labyrinth). In very rare instances (from my experience), the player spawn in a square that do have a secret passage, but it is inaccessible (from inside, which is the case). There is a rod or something iirc that allows you to skip an area, very useful when in doubt

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Rent free, OP never mentioned Nintendo

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Nothing says "rent free" as actually using the expression "rent free".

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Literally how? Music is worse and graphics are barely any better, despite being on a "16"-bit console.

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>battery save
>runs in 60 fps instead of dogshit sub 30
>graphics is still technically better
>controller also isnt dogshit

music is not worse unless you prefer the special FM soundtrack. master system PSG has never ever been good

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