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Who is top-tier?

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CE Bison if I had to guess

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OPs mom

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boxer, dhalsim

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How do you play Dhalsim top-tier?

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That's not ST.
Yeah I'd guess CE bison, WW guile maybe? Some iteration of sagat perhaps? Fuck if I knew. Do people play this on fightcade? ST claw is prolly up here too, that lil faggot.

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Ryu and Ken are basically OP, but Cammy is my main

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Daigo plays a mean Ryu but I don't think he's top-tier.

CE Ryu in HSF2 is actually very near the top, though.

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in this order:
chun li
fei long

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That scrub chun didn't mash back.

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Zoning with limbs, upclose lots of drills and grabs.

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I would say this too. He was broken In a big way but I can’t remember if this version carries over just how stupidly overpowered he was.

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CE/hyper fighting were always better than new challengers and super turbo

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Akuma, CE Bison. CE Guile and CE Ryu.

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Finally some truth.

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WW guile can touch of death you from just jabbing you into a dizzy state.
Shotos have never been OP in any iteration of SF2. They are perfect B-toer characters .Play some good players instead of just your friends

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>Shotos have never been OP in any iteration of SF2

ryu sucks in world warrior but they buffed him big time in the followups
ryu is A tier in CE and literally consisted S tier in hyper fighting

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>literally consisted S tier in hyper fighting
No. Guile and Sagat are S tier in HF'. They are just leagues better than anyone else. Ryu is equal to blanka/gief/ken/chunky-li. Play the games against good people

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Super moves were a mistake.

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