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2d fighters are bad and irrelevant, in the other hand, 3d fighters have revolutionized the fighting genre.
I dont even know why people still play 2d fighting games

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Are we talking gameplay or visuals? Because 2D gameplay fighting games are the only relevant serios competitive terms right now you know.

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vf was huge in japan and had championship almost every time, 3d fighters have good gamplay compared to 2d fighters

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The only 3D fighting game that is still played today is Tekken. Otherwise the genre is dead, all other fighting games released recently are 2D.

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Nobody plays 3D fighters cause they suck

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not really, people still play vf and tekken and others, and there is still alot of 3d fighters being released

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they suck so much street fighter and mk and others went 3d

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And now they returned to 2D and are much more successful than when they were 3D

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and tekken and vf are still played today and is more popular than 2d fighters, vf is super popular in japan and tekken is super popular in europe and us

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Tekken and Virtua Fighter are not more popular than Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat

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Smash is still number one

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VF is barely remembered and played.
>Mortal Kombat
LMAO, people only play these for storyline cutscenes and drop soon after completing the story mode, but this is still stupid because Youtube exists.

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Not a fighting game

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Bait thread

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Normies love Mortal Kombat, it's the only fighter American and manly enough for them. They consider Street Fighter nerdy.

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this thread was made in the 90s

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last blade 2? samurai shodown early games? however, i only mention them as standing out, i actually don't like any fighting games.

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MK is irrelevant in competitive scenes.

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why do retards post stupid threads like this

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No, Japanese arcade are filled with over-the-shoulder 3D fighting games like the Gundam Extreme Vs games or School of Ragnarok. The Gundam ones, in particular, have a huge scene in Japan (School of Ragnarok absolutely did for a few years when it was new, too).

Americans just have no idea these games exist for obvious reasons.

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>I dont even know why people still play 2d fighting games
Same reason we play other 2D games... Excellent pixel art and animation, great music, and (generally) quality gameplay. I will say some of them are kind of unbalanced it places, but that's just fighting games in general I think.

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Only 3D fighter I've really tried is Soul Calibur and I dropped it pretty quickly because of the giant movelists. In the 2D games I've played the movelists are pretty easy to learn, every character has like 6-10 specials, a handful of command normals, a throw and then every other move is just button A standing, crouching and mid-air, button B standing, crouching and mid-air, etc...
In SoulCal it seemed like every character had like 80 pre-built combo strings and command normals and fuck trying to remember all that shit, honestly. I heard Tekken is even worse. Are all/most 3D fighters like that or is it just a Namco thing?

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Realistically what wasn't on this board?

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3D shit is disgusting
2D will always be better

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Impact in Video Game Culture
Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat

Being constantly played

bro just look at steam charts

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