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Nobody ever talks about this game, was I the only one who played it? Always felt like it should have become a franchise, it had sex appeal

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man this was the first video game i ever played that came with the ps2 in the mail from my uncle
i haven't revisited yet but i can tell it was kino

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>still blocked
I won.

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ponies and sonic

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I played it recently. It was pretty hard. I won a few races, but next time I went to pick up the game I felt like I had to get good at it all over again, so I never came back.

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>man this was the first video game
it is NOT

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>was I the only one who played it?
Yes. Your mother was right, you're very special.

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I had it. All I remember is how confusing it is to do anything beyond the starter tricks. It might be better than Wipeout Fusion though.

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I really wanted this game but I was 14 and thinking with my dick and I wonedered if I really wanted it or I just liked the robot motorcycle in a thong so I talked myself out of it and bought something else instead.

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had this game. a copy of it sat on the radiator in my foyer for i shit you not, probably 15 years. from like 2005 to 2020, when we finally did some spring cleaning and got rid of it

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