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>I am a rushed and disappointing third game in a fighting game series, released after extremely successful predecessor, and I was redeemed by the next game which was basically me again but with some roster and gameplay tweaks.

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>Released in 1995

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You know how all you morons are complaining about how gaming got stagnant because no one wanted to experiment? Literally all of those games are experiments that led to better games because the developers were allowed to make something that wasn't a cookie cutter sequel.

Also, MK3 vanilla is better than 2

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Also Tekken 3

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Mortal Kombat 4 was worse. I quit buying mk games after that

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You don't know about Ultimate MK3?

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NTA but UMK3 is an update, not really its own game. By this logic, Alpha needs to be taken off the OP pic and replaced with Champion Edition.

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If it was an update then it wouldn't have its own versioning, separate from MK3 version numbers.

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Mortal Kombat 3 was a huge success on console, the fuck are you smoking?

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I think that's a pretty thin reasoning for calling an update an entirely new game, but whatever helps you sleep at night anon.

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>huge success
True, but it was still disappointing.
people bought MK3 because MKII had created a huge hype, but then Midway turned it into a kiddy series with live action acrobats and the terrible Mortal Kombat: Annihilation movie.

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>It is a standalone UPDATE of 1995's earlier Mortal Kombat 3
This is the very next sentence on that very same source. I'm not quite sure what you were trying to prove here, anon.

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>True, but it was still disappointing.
To whom? The kicked the gameplay directly in the ass and MK3 is the better game for it. And the game isn't any more kiddy than MK2.

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How old were you in 1995?

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6 but that's irrelevant. I'm sharing my thoughts now (as are you).

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Standalone updates are still updated. There are expansion packs that get sold like this. Standalone just refers to whether or not you can run it on its own.

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MK3 was out before the original MK movie.
Annihilation was post-MK4

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soul calibur III
toshinden 3
bloody roar 3
virtua fighter 3
fighting vipers 3
rival schools 3
physchic force 3
killer instict 3
clay fighter 3
marvel vs capcom 3

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Tekken 3 is literally the best one though

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vanilla mk3 is still a good game

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Fatal Fury 3 is great and kicks the shit out of the first two.

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>According to Tekken series producer Katsuhiro Harada, Tekken 3 sold 8.36million copies during its initial release
Are you retarded?

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add 20 million piracy copies, and I am saying as a good thing.

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SF EX 3 is fine

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Virtua Fighter 3 was too far ahead of it's time
that home consoles wouldn't be able to keep up
they tried with Goiken Muyou, it's just not possible

VF3 still is as big as if not bigger than latest VF in japan arcade

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From a presentation and style direction, FF3 best captures the gritty 80s action movie tone the Fatal Fury ip had. Even if its not considered the "technical" best, i love the shit out of it.

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Man, as much as nostalgic as I am about the early MK3 marketing synergy with the first movie, I'm still salty that all those supposed kombat kodes they put in the ending credits and other adverts were all bullshit. Shit didn't even make sense. You'd be watching the end credits of The Journey Begins and see a few symbols and then you'd get a circle with "#11" or something inside of it and wonder what that was supposed to be.

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