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the most broken weapon of the 8-bit era.

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why does megamane always have one weapon that has way more ammo than the others

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Elec-man's weapon + the pause glitch is the most broken

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Because you're supposed to be using some of those weapons more frequently than others.

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Not even that great due to sprite limitations of the NES.

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>Covers the whole screen
>Can point blank rapid fire into bosses

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>Covers the whole screen
It doesn't if you are rapid firing. Maybe 2-3 balls will come out at a time. You have to tap fire at a medium pace that won't overload the sprite limit

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the S stands for "shotgun"

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>don't take that power-up
>the sprite limitations of the Nintendo Entertainment System mean it's significantly overvalued
brings me back to being a kid on Saturdays, staying up all night with friends to debate things like the optimal cable setup for the mid-70s 13" Magnavox instead of wasting time playing games below absolutly perfect settings

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Nice sperg out. It's obviously the best weapon in NES contra, but it is not a "broken 8 bit weapon" in any sense compared to metal blade in the OP. Even Rock n Roll's spread shot in GI Joe is better than the nes contra "S" gun.

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>GI Joe
sorry, didn't realize we were including games nobody fucking played

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found the zoomer - every kid was into gi joe played this game

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i don't care what kind of dudes you were into as a kid, nobody played this game

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That's not the Holy Water from Castlevania

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>won't touch Quickman or Airman
>won't touch the last boss
I would counter with the shadow clones in NG2. Easy to get and they can make most fights trivial if you know what you're doing.

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Jenny's psycho ball thing from NES Bucky O' Hare can probably contest Metal Blade. While it may not be as braindead easy to spam (moreso when it's a charged attack), once mastered, Jenny just obliterates THE ENTIRE GAME alone because the ball is a constant ripper that does damage each frame and you can make it move slowly. Sure, it might require beating two stages because konami can't into Megaman-like design philosophies and made the Blue Planet (the one where beating it, you unlock Jenny) unbeatable unless you get lil robot boy that has an arcing shot that breaks ice blocks, but once that happens the rest of the game is ez mode.

And this is without mentioning that in Bucky O'Hare you just press select and you insta-switch into different characters while in the NES Megamans you need a menu to change stuff so it's like you get to have a metal blade.tier weapon switch back and forth with other weapons in a much faster way.

TL;DR: Play NES Bucky O'Hare, it's a good game even if it's technically shorter than the first Megaman.

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More like 'L'

>if you are rapid firing
Why the fuck do you need rapid fire with this weapon? You're already firing dozens of bullets with one button tap.

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To hit the boss with all five projectiles every hit.

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Yes they did

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>It doesn't if you are rapid firing.
If you are rapidfiring, the thing is melting the entire game's bosses and other things that take more than 1 hit to kill in a stupidly fast speed. Metal Blade's overpowered in MM2 (and to date is still THE strongest weapon in the entire franchise) because you can run n gun by spamming at all 8 directions at a spammy firerate with might-as-well-be infinite ammo, and the spread shotgun is basically the same shit.

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>basically the same

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In practical terms, they are. You get them, you run and shit projectiles at anything in sight without worrying about aim unless it's a boss then the weapons diverge (MM can always switch to the boss weakness and Contra is all about machinegunning)

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Shut up nigga

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See, the bitches don't know.

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dis guy has like 24 bits up on rocky boi. get outta here

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>actual most op 8bit weapon

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Because you were to busy planning on coming on the internet one day to lie about arguing over cables to a TV as a kid to watch pure kino toy advertising when you were a child.
Go touch a woman.

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>full retard

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There's also the spin from NG1.

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I didn’t even know this game existed

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Based and Bucky-pilled. Glad to see someone else know how broken Jennys skill is

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The grab from Manhattan project instakills any foot soldier (90% of the enemies in the game), comes out immeadiately and costs no HP to use

Maybe not the single most broken weapon in an NES game but it sure as fuck sticks out in the game itself

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Dude, I was going to btfo him, but you wrote a fucking thesis and exhausted all possible arguments. Please, next time, leave some room for me.

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None of them, I’ve never been able to beat a single 8 bit game, the Wily stages “filtered” me

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sounds good anon, I'll give it a go later today

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I eat too much shit at makaimura to know, what's so good about the little dagger fella? Particularly because konami has conditioned me to think that 8-bit daggers are nothing but trash.

Also, this shit is the last piece that trivializes the difficulty in its game. At first it's the varia suit making you a tank, but then it's this thing meaning you don't even have to give a shit about enemies anymore. Only reason I would say the spreadshot wins out is because you can get it within 5 minutes and keep it for the entire game while the screw attack will take a while to reach.

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>what's so good about the little dagger fella?
>fastest attack speed
>no throw arc
it an elegant weapon for a more civilized age
yup. pretty fucking gouda

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you may not like it but this is what peak performance looks like

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Nothing trivializes this game to me more than the red ring. It's good that it's an optional item hidden in the last dungeon because the game would be stupid easy.