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What are the essential PC98 games you can play in English /vr/?

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Chitty Chitty Train is fun as fuck.

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>playing PC98 games

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metal orange

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Was there a PC-98 game with box art of some girl in front of a tropical island? Swear it was some animu adventure game I played in Japanese yonks ago.
Maybe dreamt it though.

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Fuck off ass-mad SHARP shitter.

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There's probably multiple games with covers like that, but maybe one of the 無人島物語 games

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Cobra Mission.
The MS-DOS port has an English translation.

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Also, the superior Sega Saturn port of Policenauts has an English fan translation.
Ys I, II and III were originally on PC-88 and PC-98. Those versions have no fan translation but superior remakes do have English translations. Whether it be on the TurboGrafx-CD or on Steam.

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Where can you download this game? I can usually find roms and isos extremely easily but for some reason I can't find a download for this.

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this has it with a translation patch. i don't remember if i played it translated, it's been years

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Thanks Anon

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>Not getting the Joke

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Yu-No, but it's more convenient to just get the PC version translation with the music patch (ends up being identical to the PC-98 game)
Rusty, it's an ok game with a cool soundtrack, I don't remember if it has a translation because I don't remember if it has dialogue to begin with
Flame Zapper Kotsujin is an ok shoot 'em up where the few lines of text are already in broken english

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I'm thinking of Marine Rouge but it could be another one.

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Just translate your brain into Japanese.

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- Lakers
- Rusty
- Harlem Blade
- Yu-no
- Briganty (I don't remember the status of the translation)

Playing with a Textectractor or with the power of the imagination (or cocaine)

- Slayers (Nice rpg)
- Variable Geo II (Only for the OST. Same goes for Rusty)
- Power Slave (Well, I think that you don't need many text in order to understand good and ol' soft lesbian sex)

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Harlem Blade is barely readable in engish, but worth a few laughs.
Brigantry just has a menu patch but is perfectly playable without moonrune knowledge.

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at the risk of opening myself up to insults, could you explain the joke?

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Its very rare to find fanart of Rusty. Nice find.

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It comes from the recent Lakers translation. In the ero scenes, you do various things to your partner... or just wait. The last choice was translated as "Don't" and it's been a meme since.

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Oh ok so it's one of things where it's not funny or clever you just shitpost to show people you know da reference
>lel Ugandan knuckles lol i know dat weference XD

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However, it's not power slave, but Night Slave

(Night Slave; Power Slave; Geo Slave... Something else?)

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Touhou 1-5

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Just learn Japanese and you can play any PC98 games you want ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Every video of Rusty I've looked at had headache inducing choppy scrolling. Is the PC-98 just really shit at scrolling?

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I did, and now I rolled a jap crossword sim, a make woman cum adv and a shitty RPG which really thought it would get a sequel but never did. I'm not sure if it was worth it.
Alternatively they can download the newest version of NP21 and texthook, I'd still recommend that even if you can read Japanese if you play a pretentious kanji game, saves effort on Kanjitomo or drawing it yourself.

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What was the screen like on the original ? With the very heavy use of dithering, was it a little blurry? Basically like a pc vga monitor? Would it have 240p scanlines in games or was it more like a pc? How abiut the sharp? What would playing Castlevania look like on the original hardware? It looks ace with some crt shafer like guest but I figure it's not what it would look like, right?

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The PC98 resolution was 640x400

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Any new of that anon who made complete the rest of Rusty Images?
I remember that he's working in another one with Rusty and an old man

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>I'd still recommend that even if you can read Japanese if you play a pretentious kanji game, saves effort on Kanjitomo or drawing it yourself.
Clearly you don't know Japanese if you can't even read it.

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Just came here to say Rusty is a shitty game, don't bother playing it

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Weebs all have autism

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Yeah, I should just know all the rare or deprecated kanji some guy wants to use in his porn game before I ever see them. Retard.

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codename zero fucks

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Tell us more. What kind of game is it

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It's Night Slave again : >>9386001
Cute girls, fun mecha side-scrolling action and great soundtrack.

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• NP2 is the best emulator but the fullscreen and generally scaling options are fucking ridiculous. You either play it at 1X windowed or you're gonna get your eyes assraped.
• NP2 on retroarch is very limited and a pain in the ass to constantly juggle the menus, but on the other hand I have all the scaling and filter options I need.

Why does it have to be like this

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Touhou 4 and 5 are good ass games.

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If you're going to be upset days after being dumb, at least post a good cg to bump.

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Does anything make this different from other versions? Besides the moon runes.

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Should be the same aside from improved graphics. Believe that was because on the guys made an Engine for the Japs so they could easily port it to all PCs they had so that's what they did. There should be some balancing changes too.
Most names of items/monsters and status messages can be toggled in basically every jap version too.

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not possessioner lol

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How many colors are there?

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16 for OP (Possessioner)
Metal Orange is originally a PC-88 game so only 8 colors

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Doukyuusei Remake

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It's impressive how they were able to make such detailed art with so restricted palette.

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Yeah, that Possessioner pic is frequently posted as it's one of the most impressive with the reflection and animation. You could swear there are more colors. Other16 colors pics I love are Raidy 2's city.

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Innocent Tour. UI, isometric board and card art all share the same palette.

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And A Ressha de Ikou 3, or A-Train in its English version. While not looking that impressive in a picture does some cool day/night cycles and seasons with palette changes.

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i would also like to know this

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Still waiting for this it 90% finished but no update for years.

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Is that a heckin shiba inu?!?!

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For making PC98 art, would you rather use ProMotion NG or Asprite?

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The one on the right side?
It's a nekomata (cat youkai, has 2 tails) and a kitsune (fox youkai, has up to 9 tails).
I haven't gotten that far playing it (Chinese port in DOS).
The starting party is the red haired guy + cat youkai.

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What's OP's pic from? I linked it in a chat and my SJW friend got pissed.

I don't feel bad, I'm just curious and it's not like he's in a state to tell me.

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Lakers had a translation?

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>my SJW friend
drop him, for your sake

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>Trying to understand other viewpoints is for faggots!
I am begging you to talk to people you dislike before you start getting ideas about the FBI.

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>before you start getting ideas about the FBI
also yes trying to understand retards is for faggots it's a lost cause

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Some tranny recently made a video on Possessioner, criticizing the mediocre plot and the lesbian scenes being targeted towards men. That's about it.

Still, it seems far-fetched to get mad at art from the game. I mean, I don't like scat but won't diss >>9397128 . Never trust dark elves!

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First game has one. Second game is WIP. Third game is not happening for a long long time. The guy translating them tends to lurk PC98 threads.

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If I'm not bullshitting, the translator found that the original game (or simple the ROM dumped) had a bug where a level was skipped. (9 -> 11; or 5 -> 7)

JAST USA published Sagara Family Boardgame , it didn't publish nu-Raidy II official card game.

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>it's real
Their projection is off the charts, as usual. This reminds me of fakebois (final form of fujoshi nowadays) crying about regular fujos "fetishizing us gay men", so this is quite the girl moment, just not in the way he thinks.

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If I'm not wrong, the TL was for UI menu, equipments, and skill names.
The story is untouch.
Check the archive, especially view same that Don't pic >>9391045

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never heard of them.
what the heck are they?

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Who cares what kind of faggot some faggot is. They're faggots.

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They're girls of the sjw variety who troon out to skinwalk their favorite uke, they're also aggressively feminine and get mad when you question it.

>never heard of them
I don't blame you, mtfs are the ones in power positions, and I know and grew to hate them because I've had the displeasure of being in fandoms dominated by tumblr fujos. Anyway, we should probably stop here so we don't get jannied for off-topic.

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>never forget that legendary anon

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>checks PC98 folder
>only two game
>46 Okunen Monogatari - The Shinkaron (19xx)(Enix) [T+Eng v1.1.3 by 46 OkuMen]
>Rusty (19xx)(C-Lab) [T+Eng v1.0.2 by 46 OkuMen]
>shit prequel to EVO Search for Eden
>shit Castlevania clone

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Good news: you're wrong.

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>PC-98 version
>Shit prequel to EVO

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Oh shit, when did it happen?
I haven't been here for some time.

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Don't-man started working on full translations of Lakers games this year. Lakers 1 is complete, Lakers 2 is in proofreading phase.

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Nice, I was in the thread when he's doing the UI translation long time ago.

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I can't name a single one I would play over things that launched later. The best they have are found elsewhere, even if it is an entirely different game. The other game is always better.

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The father of a meme in /vr/ PC-98 threads.

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Where can I find this?

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There's this thread:

>> No.9404153

Nice, thanks!

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>This website is unavailable for legal reasons.
Wtf is this site?

>> No.9405003

Looks like a video hosting site.
Probably someone uploaded a video and it got DMCA-ed.

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>now you remember thatguy who localised a few PC98 games and got flame for it

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He didn't localize shit, he just shoved things through google translate and hoped people would give him money for it before anyone realized he was faking.

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t. retronomicon

>> No.9406143

just some frontend for youtube, instead of the bloated UI from vanilla youtube. if you put the video ID in a youtube link it works
don't know why that error happens, I got it too but it disappeared after F5'ing the page

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Revival Xanadu

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Is it in English?

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>invite toxic hyperpolitical terminally offended people into your private life
>or you’re literally a domestic terrorist

you are the company you keep and you two assholes deserve each other.

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Everything except the intro and ending. It doesn't matter since the story in game is nonexistent. Make sure to play easy mode and don't be afraid to use a guide. It's an 80s rpg and can get real puzzling.

>> No.9407828

It's a Peertube instance, just mirroring/proxying Youtube

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Comfy bump

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>Not posting the two Architect-Mode fanart.

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>literally me

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>Is the PC-98 just really shit at scrolling?
yes, thats why it's full of adventure games.

also, with the level of japanese of most of these games, a text hooking program with google translate is more than enough

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Lakers 2 translation 1.0 was just released a couple hours ago

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> readme.txt

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Based Baba. I'm grateful. I wonder if he still browses around here.

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Dangerously funny.

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This guy don'ts

>> No.9413694

>xdelta file as patch
Does anyone know if xdelta UI is hard to handle? Does it work like Lunar IPS?
Never tried it

>> No.9413772

Have you even tried using it?

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Looks cute

>> No.9414891

She looks really silly.

>> No.9414917

Based, just in time.

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There is no /d/ in the word Lakers

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Old Artdink has some really great soul.

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Indeed. I just love their aesthetic

>> No.9419792

looks pretty cool, I like the artstyle and the fact that you have heckin shinto creatures in it
I guess I'll put it on my "reasons to learn japanese if I'm really bored" list since they will probably never finish the translation

>> No.9419834

The status in their github says that the text are 100% translated.