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Games which best suit this overused phrase. Bonus points if it's also mechanically cartoon-esque.

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The one, the only.

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Toonstruck is such a good game.

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Day of the Tentacle

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aladdin on the genesis. one of the very few games that was better than the snes version.

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Lion King and Toy Story are also far superior and more impressive (in terms of graphics and music) on the Genesis.



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Earthworm Jim, especially 2

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>Japanese level design from Capcom
>Western maze level design on par with Bubsy
I'm genuinely curious who actually keeps praising these mediocre Western licensed games.

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>one of the very few games that was better than the snes version
Sega had tons of better versions.

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Literally burgers pushing it as a "known fact", probably without having played the Snes game.

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Animated comic more precisely.

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Darkstalkers, the animation was specifically made to be as high quality as possible while using western animation as the basis for inspiration.

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This. There was no precision to the platforming, hitboxes were broken etc. The western dev games were shit.

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scooby doo mystery
beavis and butthead
mortal kombat

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>posting Toonstruck as an example
Based OP

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You get a sword bros. SNES one is good but fairly weak relative to other Capcom games from that Era.
Beavis and Butthead was better on Genesis too

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> it's Capcom ergo it's good!
Well, true, but Genesis Aladdin doesn't get enough credit. The only flaw I can name is a bit clunky hitboxes and jumping.

> maze level design on par with Bubsy

If a couple of straight lines placed parallel to each other is hard for you to figure, i'm sorry.
Sonic games must be a real hell to you.

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Came here to post this

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It's like one of my Japanese animes

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I didn't say it was hard, I said it was stupid.

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The only use I had for you would've been to actually name the game since I'd been searching for it.
Now I want to fucking kill you.

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Sounds like this is you right now

Do an image search, it's literally straight from RHDN. Hell, you can even just google the filename

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In terms of mechanics, The Incredible Machine.

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This game.

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laverne a cute

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Pac-Man 2 The New Adventures is literally marketed as "An Interactive Cartoon".

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Point and clicks are dead aren’t they

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and the neverhood

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Any FMV game basically fits this category I think. Popful Mail and Magic Knight Rayearth also come close with their anime cutscenes and funny dialog.

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came to post this, one of my absolute favorites

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Was going to say Darkstalkers, glad to see someone already beat me to it.

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>one of the very few games that was better than the snes version.
Thank you for telling me you have barely touched the Genesis library.

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lilith is so hot
why cant the artwork of her people draw not let be as thicc as she is in her sprites..........

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I'd rather make a cartoon.

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This coming from Amigaland of "up to jump", collecting a million jewels for no reason, and other gay and uncreative shit.