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The music in this game is so fucking good wtf

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amen to that

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I am sharing another game with great music, shame a lot of people didn't get far enough in it to experience it all

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arcade sounds even better

>> No.9279753

Too bad the Arcade Gradius III doesn't have this one particular song.

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no kidding
this stuff is fire


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Is this game hard as hell or do I just suck?

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shooters are hard, keep playing anon as long as you have fun and over time you will be getting better until achieving that satisfying one credit clear

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shooters, especially the gradius series, are mostly about memorizing stage layouts and sometimes cheesing bosses by using safespots. It's normal if you can't do it at first.

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It is.
Too bad about the lag on SNES.

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Gradius 3 is just poorly designed

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You'll probably like Gaiden's music even more.

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I don't like the instrument sounds as much there

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GIII would have had the best volcano level had it not been for the shitty tunnel segment in the 2nd half.

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playing this game with the smooth fps mod makes it a buttfuck that i keep coming back to

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you gay, the sample quality is better an the FM instruments bring it to another level

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The final boss is like 5 bosses in a row dude wtf I could never beat that crap

>> No.9281229

thats not the last boss, theres still 2 levels after that.

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Well f you John Gradius

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FM synthesis in arcade games generally sounds bad

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