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Is there any rhyme or reason to these floor mouths? Stage 7 is more straight forward than this.

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i've 1CC'd this game several times over and this is the only part of the game where I assume I'm going to take a death

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That's reassuring, thankfully I learned how to recover afterwards and possibly do the boss with a pea shooter.

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I've done a pea shooter only run of this like a decade ago. I have not much memory of it other than these fucking mouths which I still swear appear at complete random.

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>Is there any rhyme or reason to these floor mouths?
Does there need to be? It's a cool and creepy enemy.

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Just seeking a strategy that I might have overlooked to not net a death there.

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Here's a fat speedrunner doing it:
Section starts at 12:40.

It sounds like it's random and you just have to hope and maybe react really fast? I think I watched a different GDQ run of this game and came away with the same impression.

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Okay here are some more:
9:14. The question is asked aloud but I didn't catch any clear answer.
9:44. Mike Uyama, who is fat, states outright that the mouths are random.
10:42. Runner states that the strategy is "to mash and pray".

Everybody seems to agree that that one spot a bit right of center is the best place to run forward, for whatever reason.

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Seems that the right path aligning yourself to the left divider worked well. I had a close call but I managed to get through the mouth section unscathed. Finally beat this game my first time right now and it was on my first credit. The other tricky part after that section had to be the final level with the lowering roof. The final boss was surprisingly easy. Took me a minute to figure out I could only shoot the eye, and a little bit after to realize the bosses feet don't deal contact damage. Stage 6's boss was a bit more hectic than the final boss before you find the optimal character placement to guide shots down the center and to make the spawn enemies go where you want to go.

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He clearly means them appearing at random, not the look of them, idiot.

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Please find it in your heart to forgive me. In that case yes, random it is. There is no way to flawlessly pass by them. Just luck.

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I guess RNG manipulation must not be a practical option even for speedrunners, no matter how fat they may be

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straightforward is one word

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Huh? RNG manipulation can only happen if there's actually a way to help manipulate the RNG. If it's completely out of the player's hands, then it's out of the player's hands.

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I never found this part difficult in neither the Arcade or NES version. You just need quick reactions and low input lag. There might be some rare edge cases where it's unavoidable, but I rarely ever die here. I find the next section (the hallway with the spike balls spawning on the side) a lot more annoying.

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Isn't there always, at least if you can perfectly control all button inputs? Or I dunno, maybe not. Anyway whatever, I'm just saying it isn't an option here (evidently), not that it should be.

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