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>*takes up space in your local pizza place by the claw machine and bathroom entrance*

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unironically yes. double tapping the gas to do flips over jumps was pure sovl

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I grew up in CT and there was a pizza place called Randy's Wooster Street Pizza that had a car/hot wheels theme. This game was exactly how you describe it location wise.

It closed years ago, replaced by a fucking AAA/DMV concrete slab.

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>tfw you hit the view buttons to select the secret cars

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Conservative cuck pres CumDump in 2019 made it so problems at the federal level made the local Burger and the local Pizza place close to retire instead of deal with maga cumrag shit.

They had over 6 games in each. Crazy Taxi, TMNT, DDR, Time Crisis 2, etc.

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Yeah, had that and Killer Instinct at the one around the corner for a long time.

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i literally cannot even read your post
>libs in 2022
lay off the drugs faggot

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Lol what in the fuck are you babbling about?

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>eats all my change even though I have the console port at home

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Local pizza place had this and Hydro Thunder. Laundromat was much better and had an entire corner with 1942, Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, SF2, MK2, NBA Jam, NFL Blitz, Daytona, and some light gun game I don't remember the name of

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A pizza/ice cream place around here used to have two of these. They've unfortunately gotten rid of both. I assume they broke since the second one's screen was going pink.

I guess I could get an N64 steering wheel, but it probably won't be the same.

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>pure soi

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I did most of my arcade gaming in the 90s at the local laundromat while my mom did laundry

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