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Does /vr/ like multi user dungeons?
/tg/ did not

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/tg/ doesn't like anything. I've never tried a MUD. I have a bunch of network connected retro computers, I should probably try one sometime. Any go-tos?

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I fucking loved MUDs back in the day, but I haven't seriously played one in maybe 20 years, with the occasional fucking around in HellMoo being the exception.

>/tg/ did not
Thats genuinely the wrong board for this, I mean its a board for tabletops and CCGs, what did you expect?

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Used to enjoy Discworld Mud but that was ages and ages ago.
The gameplay was mostly shit and I tried most of it but walking around a neat little implementation of a bunch of different places on the Disc was novel.

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Your starter should always be HellMOO

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do you seriously have to type commands in these games? who would want to do that

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45 year old virgins.

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Something akin to rogue would be more fun really

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I kinda like Aardwolf. The quests are fun in a sort of adventure game way, and the sheer age of the game (and playerbase) gives it a unique flavor from modern stuff. Learning the commands is just a pain in the ass, the game feels weirdly obtuse in a ton of ways, but overall the game's fun. Gonna use a bunch of trivia points to put sneed graffiti everywhere.

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You use a lot of short hand commands, like 'l' for 'look' and 'i' for 'inventory' etc.

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that sounds better, i still think it would be more fun if you blended a rogue with a point 'n click, give it some graphics, an graphical interface, let you click things, press one or two keys at any given time to perform actions

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I hate to recommend that other site, but there is a fairly good Reddit on this: r/MUD with about 14,000 users. Not many, but way more than I expected. They linked to this, too: https://grapevine.haus/ which is a community site listing tons of MUDS.

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Different anon, but that's the only MUD I've ever played.

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I found a wiki for one which seemed really interesting once. It had a bit central city area, where new players would spawn, and it was the only safe place on the map. Outside of it was dangerous because of mobs and/or other players. Seemed really interesting and I spent some time reading about it, but then I lost it forever.

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For me, it's BatMUD.
vittu saatana perkele

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I used to play Modus Operandi and Dragon Realms on Prodigy Classic way back in the day.

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I played Shangri-La MUSH back 15 years ago or so. But that's a weird sex role play site mostly.

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whats the difference between a mud, mush, moo, mux, mudlet, etc

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Went on a big kick playing ZombieMUD about 6 months ago. Good fun.

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I play t2tmud daily because it’s the only true game to make me feel like I’m actually in middle earth. lotr online and the overworld map of lego lotr don’t do it for me, I need 1:1 scale.

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is a mud just a special form of door game

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What was that one that was basically a PvP battle royale using mud software?
Your characters were just score records and you didn't retain anything else between matches
Basically whoever memorized more of the world did better in the matches because they knew where to go and what the answers to the puzzles were to get better weapons and whatnot
If the match went on too long, Death would start getting "bored" and release "dogs of war" and then later "HUGE dogs of war"
My roommate in college was big into it in 1992 or so
I tried playing it once and he gave me instructions where to go the whole match and I got accused of being a smurf which was sort of true I guess

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If a mud has shitty descriptions of the environment can you say it has bad graphics?

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your brain is a bad renderer

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Definitely have played and enjoyed these. /tg/ is for table-top gaming, so please do not introduce your digital ways to them. They can barely agree on what is and isn't OSR at times.

I might consider trying out a few MUDs again if any can be recommended.

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MUDs are text-based MMORPGs. Maybe not /tg/'s cup of tea since it's a video game.
MUCKs and any other shit with no combat is just "role playing" for furfags who "play" a game with no mechanics besides rooms and an inventory. Nobody likes this unless they're retarded. The problems with this freeform non-game trash were made evident in secondlife and will be the reason every metaverse type thing fails. The core concept only appeals to a small group of furry faggots.

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I love MUD's

pic related it's my HellMOO character

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Dragonrealms is still going and it has a free option. Still super fun too. Check it out.

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how many people still play that

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I played GemStone III BITD. The population (that I recall) was typically in the
hundreds (at least). Lots of shenanigans, it was pretty good fun. MUDs don't
seem as popular today probably because there are far more alternatives
available. This was before the age of UO and Evercrack.

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All I know about MUDs is that you can have sex or rape other players in HellMOO.

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I kinda wanted to get into MUDs some time ago, didn't get very far.
Would like to play something similar to d&d, a fantasy setting with warriors, wizards, dungeons and all that shit.
Any recommendations? Or at least a good list of MUDs so I can comb through them on my own?

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But /tg/ is one of the few boards with good taste.

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But both MUCKs and Second Life are great.

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