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Super Mario 64 is literally horrorfying with its linear spaces

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the classic

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I'm going to set you on fire.

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>Super Mario 64 is literally horrorfying with its god awful controls and shit camera

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I still can’t beat this game and it’s still fun to play. Good gameplay and graphics for its day too.

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How many of these threads can we expect flooding /vr/ over the next month? Fuck off with this social media tier cringe.

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>linear spaces

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How is coming together to appreciate culture cringe u fuckin faggort

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Would have been better if you played as Freddy. Just have it set up like Megaman where you get to pick which teen you want to fight and you get a different dream level.

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>Horror game art
>Put the flying puppy on the cover

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I'm not sure what to play this October. I was thinking either the first few Resident Evil or Silent Hill games. I'm already planning on Bloodborne but that's not retro yet.

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You probably used shit characters. Pick Crissy

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Elvira 1 and 2
Darkseed 1 and 2
Shadow of the Comet

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This game actually had a lot of cool ideas.

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