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>Season 26: Episode 9 (#345) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles {Famicom / NES} premiered on Thursday, September 22nd.
The Western title of this arcade port is Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Arcade Game.

>Season 26: Episode 10 (#346) "A manga original" premieres on Thursday, October 13th.


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Thanks for the heads up. Gonna watch tomorrow.

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>ally once thought dead makes an unexpected return

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that's an unflattering angle

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Huh, so she's back? Is that the new mini corner?

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No, just a cameo explaining an English phrase.

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For whatever reason, the Japanese version of the game uses English for all the dialogue in the "anime" scenes (as Arino calls them). The Japanese translations are included in the manual and she pops in to explain the meaning of the phrases. It's not a full mini-corner, but a quick cameo.

I presume this means her segment was popular, and she might become a regular to explain English phrases.

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As to WHY the game is designed like this, I'm not sure. There's not a lot of dialogue, so translating it wouldn't be difficult to do.

Arino can also do a decent enough job of reading English text but he doesn't know the meaning of most of the words, and specific English idioms (which is most of the dialogue) are lost on him.

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Arino-san has put on weight which has really added to his "old" look.

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Okay thanks. I'll see all that tomorrow myself. I was just wondering if Kate was somehow back by popular demand.

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To the guy that I told I would translate Bomberman; I've made a little progress on it but it'll still be a little while. desu my porn addiction and adhd have been taking up 90% of my days lately so it's taking me longer than I thought it would but it's being done.

also I've been extremely lazy as I translate it so os: means on screen which means you'll be adding subs and timing those yourself. the actual CC are timed really well though so a lot of the dialogue without on-screen text you won't really have to do anything.

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she's pretty, but she doesn't even have her goofy constantly laughing charm doing this shitty content she scripted her self. (her one and only redeeming quality in the english corner)

it's cute that she was lighting herself from below making her look all fucked up and ugly though. so points for that.

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GGCX really wishes I knew Japanese. When I first saw the show, I saw it as a game challenge show. Thus I foolishly skipped all the trip segments and side content. Effectively I treated it like a youtube let's play. Then I realized it's a Vatriety show, more about the history of gaming than anything, and really only half the run time is game content. Thus the typical approach is to pick and choose eps for games they like and treat them in isolation. Seeing new eps in order as they come out is really how you're supposed to experience the show. The side corners are just as important as anything else, and they build over a season. Seeing game profiles of the game library unfold slowly throughout the years is interesting.

They're nearly done with SFC 1995, leaving only the much more scant post 95 releases.

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He has clearly given up on life. I'm sure being 55 and still playing video games for a living is not the fulfilling career he dreamed of.

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Anon, his actual career is being a comedian, GCCX is just a regular TV show he hosts.

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He's only 50 and a gen-xer. Though Japan has a harsh work culture, and that applies to entertainers as well. That means long hours and work work work, with little time for family. Even GCCX is a side-content, and it can easily result in 12-13 hour filming sessions.

I heard that there's hints of some kind of health problems behind the scenes, and possible alcoholism.

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Shame they did the arcade game which is the weakest of the TMNT titles. It's an okay but noting special home port of an okay arcade game, but every game in the series is better.


The perfect insanely hard nonsense game that's unfair. A game from my childhood that I never beat.

>Manhatten project

Very polished beat-em-up

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>>Season 26: Episode 10 (#346) "A manga original" premieres on Thursday, October 13th.

So this means a manga based game from a series they've never done before. Sadly, that does not narrow it down as there's hundreds.

>Ghost in the Shell - PS1 (extremely unlkely)
>Area 88 - SFC (likely)
>Armored Trooper Votoms - SFC (unlikely)
>Gon (Super Famicom) (possible)
>Violinist of Hameln (Super Famicom) (possible)


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Isn't the standard for a workplace that you are forced to go drinking with your bosses after work or else you get punished? The Japanese treat alcohol like it's soda anyway.

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>Game Center CX 345 - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles [whisper-ai]
>This is a machine translation using OpenAI’s recently released Whisper neural network (https://github.com/openai/whisper).

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Will be interesting to see how well this works.

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is that a woman?

Watchable I guess? Little errors all over the place.

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is the minecraft series worth watching I think minecraft boring as shit but I love hamaguchi and all the youtube episodes with him

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>So this means a manga based game from a series they've never done before.

No, it means a game based on a manga. Nothing about them not having done it before. "Manga original" is an awful translation of 漫画原作, it should be "based on a manga".

Considering they said "manga" and not "anime", I'm thinking maybe Golgo 13 II.

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>Minor touchups have been performed on naming issues due to language differences (ie sprinter > splinter).

Looks like that retard "corrected" Aritello to Donatello.

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Ah yes, 'he' came here to play because it's near 'his' house.

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Please respect his pronouns.

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>Golgo 13 II.

Golgo 13: The Riddle of Icarus? That could work.

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Yeah. They already did the first game, and there's relatively few games out there based on a manga rather than an anime

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Damn, I underestimated just how much work the Machine Translator anon must have put into his World of Illusion sub. This is pure half-translated gibberish for the most part.

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They meant like an original work. "A manga adaptation" would also fit.

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What is this eceleb shit

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It literally just means a video game based on a manga. There's no need to translate it in some confusing way that just makes people misinterpret.

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It's spelled celeb

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Sure, I really wasn't disagreeing with you. I could tell what they meant, but whatever feel they were going for with that wording obviously led to a misinterpretation.

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>just watched the Red Alert episode
Holy shit this game is awesome, why did I not know about it until now?

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In contrast, I'm an optimist. This is an AI translation entirely working from just voice instead of the much more easy to translate text.

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I remember Retsupurae mocking it like 8 years ago. That's how I know about it.

Check out the English version because holy hell the voice acting is a riot.

The game itself is a bit easy and a bit samey.


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what's the exact hashtag? Supposedly next ep is the last cat episode they're doing and they're only showing 2 pictures each time, meaning chances of getting on are slim. Oct 22nd is the next ep.

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October 13 is the next episode.

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There was a thread a few months ago asking what game would be the most interesting to challenge for the show, and the conesnsus was Lifeline PS2.

It's one of those quirky experimental games no one has ever tried to replicate. It also uses English commands with a Japanese accent, meaning it will be easier for Arino-san to play it.

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>see tmnt sub
>"who did they choose?" referring to Arino
Nice, I needed American pronoun bullshit in a show about Japanese culture. It begins well.

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>missed lines all over the place
why bother

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Yeah she clearly looks like a "he"

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infuriatingly the subber keeps calling her a he during the entire segment

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is the sub called whisper-ai because it's AI generated? jesus it's atrocious

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>This is a machine translation using OpenAI’s recently released Whisper neural network (https://github.com/openai/whisper). Minor touchups have been performed on naming issues due to language differences (ie sprinter > splinter).
Translation was performed using the ‘large’ dataset rather than the english sets and CUDA was used to expedite translation.
RAW sourced from Nigoli
Yeah touchups like getting all pronouns wrong. I hate pro AI fags like you wouldn't believe.

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absolutely unwatchable, even zombie kabuto is miles ahead of this shit.

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At least it's so bad nobody's going to mistake it for "probably good enough"

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Japan doesn't use pronouns in sentences, thus when you translate you have to guess. It defaults to male.

This is actually insanely impressive since it's not translating from text, but vocals. I pretty much already understand 50% of the game challenge dialogue in the show without any translation, with at least some translation it all comes in even if I know it's full of mistakes.

The fact it is as accurate as it is, and is simply going to get better overt time.

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Shocked that they're adding F-Zero X to the DVD box when there's other more interesitng titles out there they could have added. It's the one time I saw Arino completely bomb a game and make zero headway. Understanble since he doesn't get momentum physics in games.

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What's a DBD Boxoo Settoh? THe narrator seems quite excited about it.

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You should go back and learn English before trying to translate Japanese.

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>since he doesn't get momentum physics in games.
>I made this one observation once and I'm going to keep mentioning it in every thread until the end of time.

He is correct though and you seem salty for some reason.

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