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Why are the track tittles different colors?

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why the fuck not

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>buys N64 game all about whimsey racing
>why is this game so fucking whimsical?!
never change zoomers

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never change with your utter obsession.

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mandela effect
i remembered only the battle tracks having the green

why would it be fucking random?????

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Do change, actually
From alive to dead.

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Every copy of Diddy Kong Racing is personalized. Who else got a negative emotional aura from the octopus boss?

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Titles, mr. connery. Titles.

Not a fan of the ladies are you Trebeck?

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Fuck you for reminding me it used to be funny

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fossile canyon is green because its got grass and is a simple ground map

anchaint lake is blue because of the lake

jungle falls i purple because of the purple terrydactyl flying around the track

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no he's right

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>xfiles theme plays loudly

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no, he's wrong

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>the absolute fucking state
just recite your favorite pasta to yourself, i'm not gonna take the time

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the state of what? your obsession with pretending all the ills in the world are from the next generation? cause yeah i can tell that state is pretty bad

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