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April 1992 Kay Bee Toys ad

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I can't imagine spending 50 bucks today on games like F-Zero or Mega Man 4

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I'm turning 30 this year so I actually remember this era. At least those games are actually good. I remember wanting shitty movie licensed games back then because I was a dumbass little kid.

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For the record, multiply the prices by 1.6 to get the prices adjusted for inflation. (Although of course consumer electronics is an industry where prices move wildly differently from the overall consumer price index.)

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Ha, thanks.

Reminds me that I have stacks upon stacks of toy store, game store, and electronics store circulars and catalogs that I kept from ~1991-2006 or so. Maybe I'll donate them to Google Books or the Internet Archive to scan and share with everyone.

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Oh boy oh boy ohboy...

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1990 Gameboy commercial

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Well that made me feel old, 26 and I sure as hell remember getting those TMNT action figures from the movie. Also remember trying out the SNES when it was on display at stores, damn you nostalgia.

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I spend this much per month on comic books, and wonder every time why my parents couldn't buy me one of these. What did they do with their money? All I ever ate for years were beans and rice, or rice and beans, or bean/rice casserole.

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I know one of you out there bought it. Show yourself.

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mortgage. feeding and clothing your ass.
>spending a near-hundo on paper a month

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So because your parents have a certain amount of money, you're entitled to it for toys?

When you have a child you will realize how low on the list of priorities spoiling your son with video games is.

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I had the exact OPPOSITE reaction when I realized how expensive games were back in the early 90s. I fucking apologized to my parents for being a greedy shit for bawling over not having every single game ever for Genesis and thanked them for my even HAVING 3 different consoles in grade school.

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You didn't know how expensive they were?

Could you not read price tags as a child?

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>the shitiest game n that list is the most expensive

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>implying that kids actually look at prices
>implying that he was old enough to even understand the concept of worth yet

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Tecmo Super Bowl was awesome

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plz do this. those few ads up top gave me feels beyond repair. kaybee didn't exist in my country so we had to visit new york to get these deals.

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>s-sports are for n-n-normalfags you casuals!

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By the late 90's every garage sale had an obligatory box full of troll dolls.

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Turbo Touch 360 controller commercial

(the video also has a Genesis ad)

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I didn't read the price tags. I didn't do that until sometime in middle school. Which was only because I myself was buying games. But by that point, games were getting standarized prices, so I assumed that they had always been $29.99.

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well that sure is some over reaction right there...

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I had to trick my parents into getting me my SNES.

Mario Is Missing FTW

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>free button

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>Tecmo Super Bowl

Confirmed for retard.

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Paying for your education you entitled little shit

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I'm calling bullshit on all these game prices. I think they're photoshopped to show a higher price. There is no way, no goddamn way that Mario 3 on NES cost $45.

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When my parents bought my NES in 1989, Ninja Gaiden was $50.

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1996 Funco

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1996 Toys r Us ad, page 1

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>Official first-party controller
>Brand new
Those were the days.

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>The future is here

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Interesting that, for once, the industry wasn't spouting total bullshit: CD-ROMs really did make the games cheaper (momentarily).

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$54 for a bad drawing of Kid Chameleon.

I kinda would

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Controllers were also much simpler. Now they have more buttons, pressure sensitivity, internal rumble, etc.

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I never asked for this.

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these are wonderful

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Well, fortunately, you can still play your PSX.

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>mario kart more challenging than everything on that list
give me a fucking break nintendo

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>kicking a dude out of a glass elevator in Super Double Dragon

Fuck yes.

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In Canada NES games cost as high as $90 according to my Dad (for games like Zelda 1 and 2)

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20 bucks for Mario


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>49.99 Game Boy

It's unbelievable. Now a typical DS game is $35. Yeah I know inflation and all that, but still. I never realized they went so cheap.

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The Gameboy's original launch price was $190. It was released about 7 years before that ad. I'm pretty sure those ones listed on top are the same size as the original, just with colored (and clear) cases, while the one below is the new Game Boy Pocket. These were all still before the Game Boy went Color.

Video game prices for console games were regularly $50-60 for new ones, which is about $90 today.

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190 LOL no it wasn't

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damn thats rough I didn't get one till the play it loud era

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it's when the system was still active you dumb fuck, that was actually pretty cheap, look at the prices of the other games

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think about it, what are the prices of games today? it's no different, the technology may be different and dated by today's standards, but at the time it as new. There was a time when ATARI 2600 games where around $40 a piece, wrap your head around that.

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Video games are pretty reasonably priced now. Around the end of the PSX era, you could easily get new games for $40, but they went back up to the $50 and $60 pricepoints with the next gen. Consoles were also pretty pricy when taking inflation into account. Hell, the Neo Geo was released in 1990 or 1991 for over $600, or over $1000 in today's money. Pretty crazy stuff.

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Gameboy was $90 at release. one of the first things I saved for and bought myself.

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It...wasn't, though. Game Boy's 1989 price was $90.

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I'm guessing you just saw the Google excerpt and didn't bother to read further.
>At the time of its release in 1989, the Atari Lynx was also just being introduced to the market. This system featured color graphics, a backlit screen, and networking capabilities.[29] However, its release price of $189.95 and substantial requirement of 6 AA batteries that would provide roughly only four or five hours of gameplay (compared to 10–12 hours on 4 AA batteries and a release price of $89.99 for the Game Boy) doomed it to a second-rate status.

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thats what I thought too then I checked TOW. FUCK YOU WIKIPEDIA!!!!

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yeah you're right lol cause I was sure it was 90 and the game gear was 150 I think when it came out

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I probably played Pitfighter more than any of the games on Midway Arcade Treasures 2 combined. I get incredibly weak kneed around pre-rendered graphics, I can't help it

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This is true. I know a guy who lived in Canada when he was a kid, till he was about 19, and his dad would take frequent business trips to the states and his dad would always ask him if he could get a video game, what would it be, and his dad would pick it up. He remembered seeing the price tag on a copy of Ghouls 'n' Ghosts his dad bought in Seattle for about 45 Dollars new, and then saw the same thing at a game store in Ontario for 79.99 US. He couldn't believe the price difference, after that he never asked his dad to buy him games from their local shops, only when he would travel stateside.

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>playing Pit-Fighter more than N.A.R.C. and Total Carnage

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cost of living is higher here but our wages are higher too. The canadian dollar was shit in the 90s too so the prices were higher here. It worked out too only a little bit more in the end though.

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Total Carnage was frankly a complete bore to me personally in comparison to Smash T.V.

But yes, I loved N.A.R.C., still do. One thing that pissed me off was when I finally somehow managed to defeat Mr. Big by hoarding the fuck out of bombs, I died while walking towards the elevator by one of his rouge projectiles and had to start the stage all over again

Also fucking love me some Wizard Of Wor

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>Live in UK
>Remember reading fuck loads of Argos catalogues looking at all the vidya I'd want, and save up for it.
>Remember I'd used to throw them out for the newer issues later on (they were free if you're wondering)
>mfw remember all that vidya in there
>mfw I should've kept it and scanned it.

I doubt any britfags would've ever thought about keeping Argos catalogues, unless they're some hoarder or some shit.

Still, I saved this a while ago, it has some Dreamcast, but passes
for retro.

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That's all I really have. I'd post adverts for Dreamcast games, but I'd rather not have faggots make this thread turn to "NOT RETRO" shit flinging.

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Actually found this. Probably the last one.

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I wish I'd kept at least some pages from the Argos catalog. I still have the receipt for FFVIII that I got from Woolworths inside the manual at least, but that's not as interesting.

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I still have the recent for Jet Set Radio from Gamestation from about 2002.

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Yeah, games were so much cheaper back then during the 16 bit era. I have been looking for those two pictures because it shows how much carts eventually cost. CD's were good to keep the price down.

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Anyone have any scans of Beckett Pokemon Collector?

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Now here is a tough decision:

You have exactly $53

-DKC2 or Yoshis Story?

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Got confusedwith one of my most beloves games

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>that difference in graphics on the boxart for PlayStation and N64 Quake 2

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Now here is a tough decision:

You have exactly $53

-DKC2 or Yoshis Island?

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Different dimensions for the art i am guessing

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DKC2. You said this would be hard. Where's the hard?

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>video is our game
my motherfucking sides

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Yoshi's Island. It's the choice I actually made. And no, that wasn't hard at all, and I would make it again.

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