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> a game gets released in US
> is so stupidly unbalanced no one can get past level 3
> literally every other version tries to fix the most retarded and broken parts of the game

A true classic.

Remind me, why do we praise it? And more importantly, why we're still playing the OG version when Japanese one exists and plays like the game should've been played from the very beginning?

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Level 3 isn't that bad. It gets pretty steep after that though.

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>is so stupidly unbalanced no one can get past level 3
I don't believe that you grew up with this game.

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well if the game's good, there's always some good hidden beneath the rental shittyness in the west
also the pawn stars meme
do they even take calls anymore?

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It was an impressive feat for the NES, but the game is poorly designed and has collision issues. Rare should know where to stop there, they've improved a lot since the snes era.

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Oh look, a thread made by a teen who played it for 10 minutes and died at the bikes and needs an easy mode.

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the difficulty in this game is so grossly exaggerated, it doesn't even get hard until like level 5 or 6 and even then it's standard NES difficulty. just admit you got filtered bro

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Battlemaniacs is awesome. Regardless of your opinion on this game, you have to agree with me there.

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> is so stupidly unbalanced no one can get past level 3

Battletoads videogames: all of them are hard as hell to beat. Most people hate them for that reason.

Teenage mutant ninja turtles videogames: Only a few ones are hard as hell to beat. Most of them have a normal challenge, so most people loved most of them.

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>standard NES difficulty
So... unfairly difficult and unneccesarily frustrating?

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Yeah, it's probably the second best BT game. First is arcade version

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From hardest to easiest stage. Clinger Winger(if on emu)>>>>Terra Tubes>Rat Race>Volkmire's Inferno>The Revolution>Clinger Winger(console)>Intruder Excluder>Turbo Tunnel>Surf City>Karnath's Lair>Artic Caverns>Wookie Hole>Ragnarok's Canyon

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Then play the Japanese version, it's the better version.
The arcade game starts strong but it clearly wasn't finished.

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>even then it's standard NES difficulty.
stop lying

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It was made by british devs and the difficulty is the same in the NTSC-U version. It was made easier for the Japanese audiance because the Japanese as a whole have always been casuals for action games, while in the west people used to demand hard games.

Yes, I know this is hard to imagine for zoomers these days who scream "bad game design" every time they die, but hard games is what the western audiance wanted and if your game was harder than it was getting a bigger review score because of the important "longevity" rating almost every review had then.

Anyway, get good, and it is okay to start with the Japanese version as long as you know it is an "easy mode" version and not "how it was supposed to be TM"

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Battletoads vs DD was pretty easy.
>it is okay to start with the Japanese version as long as you know it is an "easy mode" version and not "how it was supposed to be TM"
The Japanese difficulty circled back to the west with Genesis Battletoads. It used the Famicom version as a reference.

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Listen O.ni.on man-thing, its been known that Battletoads was a polarizing game before the shit decade that was last.

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You can instantly warp to level 3 anon making it a lot easier to figure out.

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And the Genesis version looked and sounded uglier despite being on a technically-stronger console. It didn't even have the stomping beat that plays when paused.

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Everyone shut up and look at this crouch sprite.

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Genesis version is still better than what SNES got.

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Yeah the NES version is the best. The Genesis port is an interesting example of a fundamentally 8-bit game "enhanced" for 16-bit. A good number of earlier Genesis games that were ports of NES or home computer games have that odd look to them. It's also strange that it was developed by Arc System Works when they were obscure and Mega Drive wasn't that popular.
Battlemaniacs is like a proper 16-bit upgrade complete with giant sprites and lots of slowdown.
Battletoads vs. Double Dragon is fairly similar. NES version is the hardest and most technically impressive. Genesis port builds on the NES version but "enhances" it for 16-bit. SNES version has big sprites and slowdown.

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>battlemaniacs 16bjt upgrade
It was missing half the levels/bosses and the ones it kept were worse. However the sprites did look nice and while I wouldn't say the music was better it was still very nice.

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Maybe stop relying on "muh zoomers" argument for once and admit that NES Battletoads is a genuinely flawed game? Not only because of difficulty but some questionable gameplay decisions that could be fixed to improve overall game quality. Like friendly fire.
Imagine if you could kill your 2p ally in Contra if he was in the way of your gunfire.

There are shit ton of small details that make the game harder for no apparent reason. Except the reason is Rare didn't give a fuck to fix them. There was no "demand" for that.

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>he bitches about friendly fire
It makes the experience funnier/pettier.

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If I recall correctly Rare had an agreement with another company co funding Battletoads to make it stupidly difficult so it wouldn't be a "rental game".

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Arcades revenge and Bart's nightmare were much harder.

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Bart's Nightmare isn't hard to play it's just obnoxiously designed.

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>Imagine if you could kill your 2p ally in Contra if he was in the way of your gunfire.
that would at least make weapons that aren't the spreadshot interesting, but yeah it'd be kind of a pain in the ass

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>filtered by friendly fire in a beat em up

It's not even remotely comparable with Contra, all the hits in BT are low to mid range at best and have a much lower rate of fire than Contra.

Friendly fire forces actual cooperation rather than just "gang up on one enemy and spam one button" strategy. In other words you're complaining about added depth and having to get good.

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maybe quit whining like a little faggot and just kys already

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> no one is allowed to criticize the game because fuck you

Take measures to prevent further retardation

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i got through level 3 the second day i had it, just stfu about games you never played thanks

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>and the difficulty is the same in the NTSC-U version
no, PAL runs 1/6th slower

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That does make the game easier but it has nothing to do with the game's difficulty per se, although it does show how little Rare cared about its own country.

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I never got through level 3 ever since I first played the game back in 90s. And I know I never will.
I really think it depends on a person. Some people have better reflexes and reaction or just a certain way of reality's perception which makes this shit absolutely easy for them. Some don't.
For example, I can't play rhythm games, the most braindead genre that requires you to simply feel the rhythm and click circles. I also aim like shit in FPS, despite playing a good amount of them.

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>> is so stupidly unbalanced no one can get past level 3
What's unbalanced? The 3rd level is part of the game's normal difficulty curve, which goes up from there. Compared to other levels, level 3 is very fair to the player.

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The thing with it is that you can either react or memorize and you don't have to do just one. It sounds like you're committing to reacting to the level but it's not your strength to do so; you should try instead to memorize it, because the patterns to it are very simple. I also cannot play rhythm games in any meaningful capacity so we're alike in that way.

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Clinger winger is literally free if you have a functioning controller (outside of the boss, I suppose)
>there are a shit ton of small details that make the game harder for no apparent reason
Name three. The stage I would say is outright unfair is Volkmire's Inferno.

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>pawn stars meme

Newfag detected.

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Kusoge != harder.

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lmao he doin le heckin poggerino m8 xDDDDDDD

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Are you proud of yourself for making that post, anon? Be honest with me.

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Not particularly, no. But I feel like it's expected these days so I may as well take the hit and get it over with.

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The trick with expectations that suck is to NOT fall into those trappings. You're better than that.

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You're not wrong. But eventually someone with no sense of irony or remorse is going to do it anyway, I'd prefer not to give them the opportunity.

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>Name three

Turbo Tunnel's fucked level depth. Sometimes you can visibly land on platform and fall off the screen. Not very fair for the player, especially at fast-paced parts.

Then you get said Volkmire's level and one punch ducks. And just generally lots of enemies that can kill you instantly while completely blocking your own attacks.
Very cheap deaths is the problem of this game.

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You can't get past level 3

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no you're wrong this game is fucked up, as someone who's beaten every Ninja Gaiden and Castlevania as well, this is the 2nd hardest game on the NES next to Ghosts n Goblins.

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Real life doesn't have a set difficulty, so why should a game? You are beyond bizarre.

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probably not related but some companies intentionally made an early level intentionally difficult in order to "encourage" kids to buy the game rather than rent it (which was popular for a time). the idea was that they wouldn't be able to get past the level and, instead of continuing to rent it, would buy it instead to get past the level.

disney was notorious for this strategy but other companies also had something similar.

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> There was no "demand" for that.

Yes there was, random example I just stumbled upon, although not from the exact same period it still shows the mentality in the 90's >>9230728

Review score based on "lasting challenge". Not even "longevity" per se, lasting challenge. That says it all. It's such an alien concept these days I keep having to explain it and prove it, the audiance in the west wanted hard games (while the Japanese audiance as a whole wanted easy game, doesn't mean there weren't hardcore Japanese players). A game that was hard to beat was considered bang for your bucks; and it was the main reason for having hard games. There could be other reasons but they're completely overblown these days while this one, which was the main reason, is forgotten. The "rentals" explanation is completely overblown for instance.

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Can a single player game be unbalanced? I feel like that inherently refers to multiplayer games.

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It was made partway through Rare's transition from speccyjankers to quality developer

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Well, yes, think of things like difficulty curve and dominant strategy.

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