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In all seriousness

Why does Link have pink hair in LttP?

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That's a damn good question. I can't really fathom up some backwards ass story unless he decided to go punk after the death of his uncle.

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Palette limitations.

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He's got yellow on his belt and brown on his arm. They could've made it the first game with a blonde Link or the last game with a brown haired Link.

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because he is a fairy boy or something like that

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The real question is why doesn't he have pink hair in later games. Shit looks boss.

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Color palette limitation.

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Because lttp Link is fabulous

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because they wanted him to be a pink bunny and not a yellow one and p-limitation that are tied to that as a result.

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He was going through a phase.

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Because it looks like shit otherwise.

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i always thought the pink was actually part of his hat when i played as a kid. i thought lttp link just had a really really fancy cap

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Color theory. Besides looking a bit odd, the colors all go together pretty well.

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My guess is a couple of things..

I remember this game having a lot of brown. So, to avoid confusion on old 90s TVs, they made his hair pink to add a little more definition to Link's sprite.

Or perhaps they really wanted Link's bunny form to be pink. Innocent and helpless pink. So, they made his real hair pink to make it match.

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Or they wanted Link to look different in each game, so that when you saw the sprite you could instantly identify which game it was from.

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Would have been closer to original Link's hair.

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Miyamoto likes pink.

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Pink isn't considered a girly color in Japan so I guess they just thought it sounded like a good color to distinguish the new Link.

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Because that's what color is hair is.

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>mainstream gamers can't cope with nonlinearity

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I'm a guy and I wanna buy me a pink GBA. no fucks given. it looks neat and it's a neat color

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Casualization has been going on since at least the late-80s, when NoA said the original SMB2 was "too hard" so they brought over Doki Doki Panic with a new paint job.

Granted, the American version was better but still.

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basically, because anime

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You know in Animal Crossing when making a pattern you pick a palette and you have some good colors along with some shit ones? Same thing.

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>Casualization has been going on since at least the late-80s, when NoA said the original SMB2 was "too hard" so they brought over Doki Doki Panic with a new paint job.

that wasn't the only reason. the fact that it looked and played exactly like SMB played alot into the decision too, which makes sense.

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SMB2 (the real one) wasn't even that great. SMB3 did everything a sequel was supposed to do. SMB2 was just a glorified expansion pack that changed a bunch of pre-established rules in SMB1 to fuck with gamers, as opposed to actually making the game difficult.

That being said, SMB2 is still worth a playthrough because it's funny to see some of that shit.

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You know, orange hair with a pink band on his cap looks nice.

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from the front.

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Yeah this makes it pretty obvious why pink was a good choice for the hair.

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What? That looks fine.

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I vote the orange looks too orange. A different hair colour would require a slight redesign as well, I think.

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What game do you think he was talking about that was similar to Pilotwings? Starfox?

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i remember reading that it was a hardware limitation, or a design decision

if they used brown or yellow hair it started to look more like a part of his hat instead of hair

so in order to make link's hair stand out they chose it to be pink

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alttp link with yellow hair

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Why not?

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He looks weird

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Because it was the 90s. He was punk!

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I think I know why.

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>a pink hare link
I chuckled

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Incidentally, Bunny Link shares his palette with regular Link. Makes me wonder how he would've looked like with the blue and red tunics.

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Also, why do all the people in ALTTP have tanned skin?

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Because it's the only time he ever had pink hair and it's not even consistent with the ALTTP official art? I'm not saying it's bad, it's just inexplicable. I'm actually kind of disappointed they changed it back to blonde in the new 3DS ALTTP sequel.

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Maybe it's because they live in a warmer climate?
Notice how Hyrule doesn't have any cold or snowy mountains across the land.

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>Incidentally, Bunny Link shares his palette with regular Link

No he doesn't. Normal Link has 1 shade of pink, the bunny version has 2, and neither of them are the same shade as normal Link's hair. It just looks the same if you take a casual glance, "oh they both have pink."

I think in the end it was simply a narrative tool, the pink head of hair foreshadowing his true nature and having that connection between his bunny form and real form.

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last time someone mentioned this they claimed it was bone because of the bunny link. which i call bullshit on, the patches which change his hair color would not work correctly on flashcarts, if that were so.

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What does /vr/ think had the used Pink Haired link for the official art?

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He stands out more that's for sure.

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Doesn't the guy from Alundra have pink or reddish hair?

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Step it up senpai.

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>implying that the SNES can't do yellow

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he was going through a trap phase

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I think he was referring to the number of colors in a palette, but still, he's dead wrong.

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You know that up until the 40-50s men wore pink?

In fact in Japan Pink is still consider a manly color. At least traditionally.

So Pink haired link is the manliest of Links to the japs.

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So Link really is girl!

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No he is the manliest of men.

For the japs prettiness is a manly thing. Being all hung ho and macho is a gay thing.

Link was created by japs so, you get my drift?

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I understand. I was trying to play the whole "what if link was a girl" act. If that trap had bigger boobs, she'd be really hot.

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Traps don't have boobs silly. That's what makes them traps.

They're cute boys who look like fuckable girls, not to be confused with trannies..

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It is a mystery.

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You guys are removing 1 colour from the palette and replacing the old colour with an existing one.
Why not choose a new colour to fill the void left by removing the pink?

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>For the japs prettiness is a manly thing.
>lol guis i learnd dis from animu

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Alundra Guy's art is red, unlike his sprite. He also appears to have brownish-blonde hair on the box art.

Strange how that works. Shit's all over the place.

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And in my country there's a trend with pink shirts even among the old people.

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Because he's too cool for school, hip to the wise, boyeee, so go to the mo zo, higgity biggity sho nuff mah niggity, yeeeeaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh check it.

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Because hes actually Tomba before he went butt fuck insane and was hellbent on wrestling pigs

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i love the link art for lttp

dat skirt

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so rad

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Look at >>920559. Link's not supposed to be your baseline human, he's supposed to look like a fantasy character and pink hair is not uncommon there.

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This actually looks pretty rad. Can someone shoop a Wind Waker Link with pink hair?

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Actually doesn't look half bad.

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fuck, man. nintendo dropped the ball

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And now I know pink haired link is best link. Should've stuck with it.

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It's because of the limited color palette on the SNES. Also, the pink helps distinguish his hair from the rest of his outfit, giving him a contrast. Not to mention, it was the third game in the series at this point so Link's character didn't really have a defined in game look (excluding manual/promotional art).

Not to mention this >>920751 is what Link would look like with blond hair.

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why is Link an obnoxious guido

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Where's that magazine scan that shows the little figurines of Link with pink hair?

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>tfw no qt link bf

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You can go right to /v/ buddy.

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