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I've been emulating for at least 15 years but hence ventured beyond the major consoles.

Do you prefer to emulate atomiswave ports for dreamcast, or emulate them through the standalone emulator?

Do you prefer to emulate neogeo standalone, or through final burn neo?

And what about Capcom cps3? Standalone or final burn?

What about supergrafx. I've been emulating pc engine and pc engine cd though the super grafx emulator, any reason not to?

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i play arcade games on original pcb

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I play Atomiswave games on a Dreamcast with GDEmu. It's kind of not emulation. Well, I am emulating the GD-ROM drive. Slippery slope, boat with new planks et cetera. You do you man

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What emulator do you guys use for the Sega Master System? I'm trying to play Sonic 1 and every emulator has problems.Genesis Plus GX has abhorrent audio issues, then I tried Emulicious but that doesn't have controller support. And with Retroarch the game lags really bad at times, doesn't matter which core I choose. Is there a wong setting I'm using with Retroarch? Any other Master System emulators with controller support that don't suck?

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I've never had any problems with genesis plus gx in retroarch

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those ports (?) are so fucking cool

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Have you played either Sonic 1 and Sonic 2 Master system with it? It must be something on my end then because these 8-bit Sonic games shouldn't be lagging this much.

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