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Which old games are so outdated they're unplayable in 2022?

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Super monkey daibouken

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Imagine telling someone to commit suicide over fucking videogames

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Imagine not following their expert advice.

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All of them

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Your favorite ones.

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why would I have to imagine it when I just did it?

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Kill yourself

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None. Your underage ADHD is preventing you from playing them. Go see a doctor, grow up, and enjoy old games.

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To me it’s anything before NES and Master System.

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Its not that Ultima is outdated it's just that it sucks. Wizardry is better.

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Only game i feel you cant properly experience is Tower of Druaga or similar that were designed in such a way that secrets are learned as a playerbase. Kind of like modern games, except now everything is known and posted for easy access as soon as its discovered. And its not like "pokemon old man glitch", the entire structure of the game is around learning these obtuse secrets to progress rather then enhance it.

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Play the NES version

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You have absolutely never played anything as old as Ultima IV you seething hipster.

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Bokosuka Wars
80% of point n click adventures

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People back in the day thought it was mesmerizing

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What was that one series of games that had a contest with it about secrets hidden in them?

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most of 1nd and 2st gen

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Maybe? There are a couple games that match your description. You might be thinking of the Swordquest games by atari since thats the only "series" im aware of with a contest tied to it.

Druaga is proto Zelda released by Namco in arcades. You can just play it as a normal arcade dungeon trek, but to get to later levels, you need to know a series of vague actions in levels that all look the same that makes "lol burn the bush" seem like the most obvious clue out there. I saw an anon on here claim the original arcade release in japan would have a notebook chained to it where players would write down things they discovered. Closest modern comparison would be those blood stains in Demons Souls where it shows how other players died.

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That game sounds so cool. How come it's not more popular in the west?

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Light gun games. No so much unplayable, just going to get increasingly harder to play.

U1 is fun to burn though in a lazy evening, especially if it's running in some accelerated form.

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Anything before 2001 really.

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I want to play some old light gun games but I don't want to buy a CRT. It's a real shame.

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Nah the 1985 dos port of Ultima is fine. It's the 1981 Apple II version which doesn't hold up despite being the exact same game. It's just so fucking slow since Garriott did the whole thing in BASIC.

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Ice Climber.
But I wouldn't call it outdated, it just sucks.

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No idea. Maybe for the era it was too cryptic for non Japanese arcade players who wanted more "arcade-y" experiences. I dont think any versions came to the west except the arcade ports in a couple namco collections. (And a mystery dungeon spinoff) The latest version on stuff like the switch actually has hints you can bring up for every floor.

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>to get to later levels, you need to know a series of vague actions in levels that all look the same that makes "lol burn the bush" seem like the most obvious clue out there.
Man, Druaga. There is something about it and its secrets that strike a chord.
It's almost like an actual arcane ritual. 'Draw your sword once in the southeast corner, then touch the north wall to make the treasure appear', that sort of thing.

Pretty clever actually. I bet many 100yen coins were wasted futzing about trying to see if anything would result from strange actions.

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Japan had a massive hint book industry. Publishers working d with game designers and got original concept art and other assets, and all the secrets. Druaga was a hit game so it had multiple publishers release similar 90 page guide books in 1984/1985.

The Japanese rely on walkthrough far more that western gamers did, especially in the 80s.

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Legend of Zelda.

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You don't know shit and have no friends.
Ice Climber is based.

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I think Druaga is a really fascinating game so I'm pleased to see people talking about it. I would say the most similar thing that you can have to it in the modern age is probably an ARG. Those usually have the same sort of community effort to figure a mystery out. The bloodstains in the Souls games are also a good comparsion, but that doesn't quite invoke direct cooperation unlike what was definitely present in Druaga's heyday.

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I also was able to quickly source the "notebook on arcade cabinet" comment >>9152014 mentioned: https://twitter.com/obskyr/status/1316093434927620096

While there aren't any for Druaga here unfortunately, it was a thing-- maybe there's some preserved for it somewhere.

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I use gyro controller but it's not the same

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>Play the NES version
*the fan Remaster which beautifies the visuals and adds the missing content from the PC version.
This is the most pleasing way to experience Ultima 3 in this day and age.

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>just going to get increasingly harder to play.

Just built a GUN4IR and it's honestly more precise than my guncon on my trinitron.

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god I love the ultima series so much just looking at the op pic makes me feel good

op should def kys tho

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All shmups
Outdated and simplistic game design with boring inputs (just mash shot button/use autofire and move)

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The original NES game is only unplayable without a guide. Using a guide it's great and still very playable in 2022

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>grow up
>enjoy old games
Pick one, unironically.

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>Using autofire in ikaruga
>Not trying for maximum combos for the high score


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Anything on Atati, Colecovision, Intellivision, and of course Pong

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>there are no bad games just bad players

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Unplayable is a very strong word. There are plenty of games where the novelty is gone though, because of later games doing the same thing but better. Like how Citizen Kane doesn't seem that impressive anymore because of all the later movies that copied things from it. Ultima 1-3 falls into that category, but not 4-6.

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I could kiss myself but I'd rather be kissing you :3

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I actually liked Ultima 1 because of how simple it was for an RPG. 2 was so complicated I nearly went insane trying to play it.

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Damn. Manlytears is getting old.

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Games don't age
All games before the NES were always bad

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Then get a CRT for free

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I played Ultima 4 for the first time 5 years ago and had a blast. It really opened my eyes to how good games this old could still be. Before this BG1 ? NES was about my limit in terms of age.

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your mom

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Ultima 8 & 9 on the other hand, those were unplayable when they came out.

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Very, very few games fall under this category. If you’re looking at Gen 1/2 games and expecting them to be more than diversions, you’re retarded. They were never meant to be more.

The only games that are “outdated” fall into one of a few categories:

1. They relied primarily on graphical or technical achievements, i.e. Virtua Racer on the Genesis. Even at the time there were much better racers, but having 3D polygon environments on the Genesis was insane. Now, it’s mostly a novelty.

2. Games that have been entirely supplanted by better versions. This can be a literal straight upgrade of another game—like, I dunno, the PSP port of FF2 or something—or they can just be entirely outdone in what they’re trying to do (many sim games, console ports of arcade games that have much better ports, etc.)

3. Games that relied on some kind of outside source that no longer exists. This includes, obviously, defunct MMOs and the like. Tower of Druaga could fall into the category as anon mentioned above, but I don’t think it does—personally I played and enjoyed the game long after its release at home with no arcade community to talk to

These are the only reason an otherwise good game could become “outdated” in a way that would make it not worth playing, but not even every game that fits into these categories applies. For example, there are much better flight sims that Aero Elite: Combat Academy out there but I still had a blast playing it last year

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>2. Games that have been entirely supplanted by better versions.
A bold claim to make on /vr/ of all places.

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Hot take:
You can count on both hands the amount of still worthwhile computer games released before Civ II (February 29 1996, 2 months into the second half of the 90s)

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They are rare. Most remakes differ enough that someone could easily prefer an earlier version

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Retard take

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I played Ultima 1 in 2018. It was surpringly playable.

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Easily the most retarded statement I've seen this week.

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Yars' Revenge. Galaxian and Galaga. Space Invaders. Frogger. Dig Dug. Pac-Man. Phoenix. Joust.
Nuff said.

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Between DOSBox and emulators or just getting your hands on old hardware, I'd say pretty damn easy. Probably easier than it was when those outdated games were new considering people go out of their way to archive old software these days.
Not to mention you don't have to type out the basic code by hand out of a magazine.
Just click the download button and slap it into your emulator or an SD card.

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I’m sorry but Yar’s Revenge sucks

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I just played this and finished it.

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That's a bold claim.

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thank you anon. i feel like i'm missing something when people say they like that game but i'm pretty sure i'm not

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Its got pretty colors but really that’s about it

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>PSP port of FF2
Stopped reading there. Evaluate your shitty takes you pleb8ynamy

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Its the truth. All that Commodore, Amstrad crap that came before the first genuine console, NES. It was all garbage. Not a single good game except for Tetris.

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>If you’re looking at Gen 1/2 games and expecting them to be more than diversions, you’re retarded
I have more fun playing gen1/2 games than any game from the last 20 fucking years in gaming. Go back to /v/, kid.

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>This can be a literal straight upgrade of another game—like, I dunno, the PSP port of FF2 or something—
You make a good point but have used a bad example. The artstyle changed, the mechanics changed. It is not objectively superior. It is quite reasonable to prefer the original for reasons other than nostalgia. A good example would be an arcade perfect port of something that had bad ports on earlier consoles.

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You are now required to play ONLY games from that era for at least two years so you learn how fucking awesome games really were back then.
Enjoy. I know I play a metric fuckton of them.

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No, I will not. I test and fix old used consoles for my work, I have plenty of experience with that era of games. Gen 1 and 2 games absolutely suck ass, there is nothing enjoyable or good about them.

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ironically the first ultima is very much playable, easy enough and simple enough.
Second one, third one are borderline unplayable without guides.

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Yes it is completely different from the other ultimas.

You can pick it up, play it and have a lot of fun and finish it in a surprisingly low amount of time.

2 and 3 requires guides to even get anywhere.

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Are you gonna tell me you’d rather play NES?

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And you sit down with them for hours of engaged play?

>> No.9155724

Fpbp, fuck that retard.

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>A good example would be an arcade perfect port of something that had bad ports on earlier consoles.
I did mention that later in the same sentence

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>I saw an anon on here claim the original arcade release in japan would have a notebook chained to it where players would write down things they discovered.
That couldn't possibly have worked well. It would take all of ten minutes before the pages were filled with dicks and claims of others prolific faggotry.

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What it is it about the second game in these classic rpg series being over complicated? Final Fantasy was the same way

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When you make one game you aren't completely sure what aspect made it work and there isn't a standard structure to follow yet so the sequel will try new things. Then if those things fail the third goes back to the original and tends to refine it so well that it establishes the standard that defines the franchise going forward. Some games skip the intermediate step and just nail it with the sequel like Mega Man 2 and Street Fighter II. I guess with RPGs its just harder to figure out what elements to focus on right out of the gate.

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Star Fox became outdated the day Star Fox 64 was released.

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NTA but bold? Yeah maybe, but it's still true. Japan had an entire cottage industry devoted to various hint books for video games in the eighties, so much so that it makes up a significant portion of their retro gaming market even today. We had Nintendo Power, which didn't even happen until '88. I suppose you could count the older, short-lived gaming rags like Atari Age if you wanted to, but it still wouldn't amount to much in comparison.

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Might and Magic 2 and Dragon Quest 2 did decently. With expanding things.
It's still weird to think that 70% of starfox games are remakes of the first game.

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It was an era of terrible arcade ports, including the NES ones.
Still, one would need to open MAME and issue an apologize to the 1980-1985, pre-NES era of arcade games for upsetting them.

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Dragon Quest II is arguably the black sheep of the franchise though much like Final Fantasy II.

>> No.9156318

Mainly in balance issues with the original release. I'd say 3 is way mroe if an outlier with the personality and mood system.

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>It's still weird to think that 70% of starfox games are remakes of the first game.
I suspect Star Fox 64 was intended to be a prequel but because of the inherent weirdness that comes with the way Nintendo does things that just kind of vanished halfway through. Kind of like how A Link to the Past and Ocarina of Time both kinda sorta wanted to be prequels but then everything just went off the rails because none of it made sense and nobody actually cared enough about the way the games interacted with each other.

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3 is one of the most beloved games of the franchise though. 3 and 5 are pretty much the defacto standard of what makes a good Dragon Quest.

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For sure. 3 is beloved, but in many ways its still very unique despite setting the standard.

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No such thing as an outdated game.
I still play the old goldbox d&d games. The ones where each character is like 5 pixels.

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For sure there are outdated elements. Nobody wants to futz around with passwords anymore. So it depends on how many of those things can a game have before the whole experience suffers.

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Ultima 1 is still a good time in 2022. The other 80s ultima games got way too complex with written response questions and having to memorize 4 sets of hotkeys to cast a single spell

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The fuck are you on about, the two aren't mutually exclusive. You can grow old, and still enjoy old things while also enjoying new things.
Does all music older than 10 years cease existing?
You're literally on a "old" website. Grow up and go post somewhere newer

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Any PC game that needs an emulator to be played on a modern computer is unplayable.
There are no unplayable console games because consoles (in the /vr/ sense) are single purpose machines unlike PC which evolve over time.

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The only game litteraly unplayable for me is Kid icarus 3ds but it's because i'm lefty, not because of the age of the game.
There's like 3 or 4 presets none of them works for me, i just can't play the game, this is nuts.

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>imagine being such a fucking baby to take offense of it
first day on the internet for you?

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Eh U2 wasn't really that complicated per se. It just happened to be ball-crushingly hard.
3 was both complicated and hard, but all the entries in the series kept getting successively more complex until 8 where they suddenly decided to dumb it down to an isometric platformer.

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ff2 is super fun if you read about how it works before.
You go in completely blind you wonder wtf is going on lol

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Test Drive III for PC aged horribly.
>Game speed is either a "playable" 5 FPS on period-correct hardware, or too fast
>3 drivable cars
>3 "radio stations"
>Controls are absolute shit. You NEED the Numlock arrows to use the game's menu
>"Press F6 to return to road" ad nauseum
>Clock or turn-based style multiplayer (sorry, no modem or split-screen support)
>Opponent AI: No
>No external camera options
>"This exotic's horsepower is ___" questions for copy-protection.

It did have some cool groundbreaking features for a racing game at the time. Open world maps, a day/night cycle, weather cycle, operable lights and wipers on each car, but the list above (especially the frame rate) make it unplayable.

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I’m a lefty. The CCP makes it very playable

>> No.9157543

*CPP (Circle pad pro)

>> No.9157550

That’s such a fuckin non issue and even if it was, 99% of games that require passwords are easily emulated and you can just use save states if writing down a sequence of letters is that damning

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Hate to say it but many adventure games are pretty hard to play nowadays. I'm talking about games before point and click was even a thing like the old king quests and other sierra games, I'm not saying that they are bad games just saying that having to type every action is both tedious and a puzzle by itself.

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My granddad had a PS4 I found in the attic and man it's crazy imagining what 20 year old boomers played frfr no cap.

>> No.9158441

How is using save states not an admission that the thing you're using it to bypass is outdated? "Its a non issue! Just do this thing that makes it a non issue!"

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Arcahd light guns have been useing ir sensors around the screen since the 90s. One of the big jap companys should have tryed to sell home kits since then, but they haven't.

>> No.9158517

Just read more about it. the things around the screen are just LEDs, the actual sensors are in the gun-controller it'self. Basicly like how the wiimote worked but with 10 ir lights around the screen insted of 2. So i guess nintendo DID sell home light gun kits it's just they were very lacking.

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