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>raichou vs blastoise
>use thunder, opponent switches to golem
>switch to blastoise
>opponent switches to jolteon
>every time, opponent reacts same way to what I do
What did Gamefreak mean by this?

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I fully completed Stadium 1 and 2 and I will never do it again. At least Stadium 2 had the infinite continues exploit.
>haha what if we gave every single opponent in the game some move like T-Wave or Confuse Ray or Swagger or Attract or anything else we could manipulate the RNG for and cuck you out of seven turns in a row

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I beat Stadium 1 legit and Stadium 2 R-1 legit, what is this exploit you speak of?

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When you lose a battle, you're given a choice between "Continue", "Suspend", and "Quit". If you choose Suspend, it'll go "You already have a saved game. Overwrite? >Suspend >Continue". If you choose continue from this menu, the game forgets to subtract the continue.

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>his raichu doesn't know surf
They mean to filter plebs like yourself

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GF shows they understant the metagame. Gen II is notorious for long drawn out matches due to near endless switch chains. You need to be able to predict the next switch in to win. The Computer isn't programmed to try and counterpick your counterpick like a real human though.

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>use Surf
>opponent doesn't switch
>Blastoise uses Body Slam
>it crits and inflicts paralyze
>"Your Pokemon is paralyzed and can't attack!"

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>What did Gamefreak mean by this?
Nintendo EAD, not GF

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What did Nintendo EAD mean by this?

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I am adamant that the AI and RNG actually cheats in Pokemon Stadium 1 and 2

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>"Your Pokemon is paralyzed and can't attack!"
>"Your Pokemon is fully paralyzed"
>"Your Pokemon is fully paralyzed"
>"Your Pokemon is fully paralyzed"
Every fucking time.
Thunder, Body Slam, Confuse Ray, and Swagger. The four scariest moves in Stadium by far.

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I can confirm it cheats in Gen 1 RBY, it picks its actions after you pick yours.

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>Filtered to the point of abusing save states and exploits
>For a literal children's game

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RBY are so easy though, who would ever notice?

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And if you're starting to get the upper hand.
>"Critical Hit!"
>"Your Pokemon fainted!"

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It is funny how hard it cheats in the first one. For example if your oponent uses fly and you respond by using fly it will give you two turns in a row so that you take damage instead of the ai.

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People who fight the Elite 4 and don't one-shot things.

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I haven't gotten to Stadium 2 yet. I've been working through R-2 of Stadium and the only "cheating" I've noticed is how much more fucked you get from RNG compared to the computer. I still gotta do all the Stadium cups though

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what's the consensus these days on using your own Pokemon from Game Boy vs just using the rental Pokemon?

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I don't see R-2 being very possible at all with only rentals. You can probably get through R-1 with a lot of luck

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>getting filtered by statuses
You only need a relatively quick mon with substitute/safeguard. If you use savestates in stadium you're pathetic

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Did you read the OP post? Yes it literally does cheat, unless OP was just really really really unlucky.

I don't think you understood. If OP's Raichu tried using surf, then the opponent would keep Blastoise out.

It's not even RNG, it's the opponent choosing its moves after seeing yours.

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based Pokemon Chadtadium filtering scrubs

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Surf is for the golem you idiot, if you use thunder and opp switches then you use surf. My point is you dont need to worry about ai "cheating" if your pokes aren't shit

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>Did you read the OP post? Yes it literally does cheat, unless OP was just really really really unlucky.

I was agreeing with OP, but I probably could have phrased my post better. This game gave me unbelievable rage as an 11 year old. At least now the rage feels justified

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Good idea, if I ever decide to play Stadium in the future, I’ll keep this in mind. Used to play a lot when I was a kid, the rage n stress filtered me from wanting to play it again

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Rentals you can't pick your own movesets right? I wouldn't even attempt it personally

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After beating R2 on both without rentals, I agree.

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Rentals only is doable so long as you just follow what Werster picks in his runs and pay attention to his tactics. Stadium games are much more satisfying to play when you beat them with your own team, otherwise you're kind of just putting yourself through slow bullshit RNG battles for the fun of it and not taking advantage of Stadium's PC streamlining systems

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Pretty sure Werster, the foremost Pokemon speedrunner, outright proved this with video.

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How is it for the Golem if the opponent keeps Blastoise out? Do you even understand what this thread is about?

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Then you use thunderbolt and make him switch, then you surf and make him switch, etc. The blastoise will kick it eventually from the surfs.

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>game developed in house at Nintendo allows you to play a Game Boy game at 4x speed on real hardware
Still baffled that that happened

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You can’t just replace the first letter of a word with “Chad” and act like it’s an argument

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The Blastoise will "suddenly" get a Critical Hit and KO your Raichu when the AI realizes what you're doing.

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Sure you can!

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But Anon, if you use thunderbolt on Blastoise he's going to switch to Golem on the same turn and Blastoise won't get hit at all. Again, do you not understand the OP?

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>using elementally cucked mons in gen 1/2
holy shit nigger what are you doing. Import your Alakazam, Gengar, Tauros, and Dragonite from Red/Blue and call it a day

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You exploit the behavior.
>use thunderbolt on blastoise
>golem switch, immune
>use surf on golem
>blastoise switch, small damage
Unless switching works differently in Stadium then you rinse and repeat and the blastoise will eventually get koed from doing nothing but switching

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Alakazam, Starmie, Snorlax, Tauros, Exeggutor are pretty much the only five Pokemon you need for any of the Pokemon Stadium games (including the Japanese first one). Even when Tauros is worse in Gen 2 it still shits out tons of damage with Hyper Beam. Damn I miss when Tauros was a chad

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