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how do u organize your roms i just have a folder with country name then Single Player and Multiplayer folder

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also a English Translation folder with Single Player and Multiplayer

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One folder per console, then original, rom hacks, homebrew folders, each with roms in alphabetical order. Rom hacks includes translations.
I don't hoard hundreds of games so this is more than enough for me, personally.

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does multiplayer have a space in its name

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Per console, and then I put a label on the end of it so I can see what game it is without having to flip through every game in the drawer to find what I want. I just use a label maker for the labels and it spits out a little white sticker with black text on it, nothing fancy.

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I just lump em all into a folder called roms.

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Folders per-company if necessary, and folders for individual consoles.
Then folders of different game genres, homebrews, hacks, console add-ons, conversions of revisions from modern re-releases, games that use specific control schemes such as light-guns or mice and etc.

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By console, that''s it.
Only download games that I'm gonna play

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>how do u organize your roms

Like this, i don't have a really BIG collection or anything.

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Basically this but recently I've been making custom playlists for my favorite series.

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a folder for each console, then within each console folder, i sort them into subfolders by genre. "RPG" "Platformer" "Sports" etc and "Other" for random games that don't fit any neat category

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Are there retroarch 'megas' anywhere? Like with a collection of roms and cores setup?

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For ROMs I just have one folder per platform and the ROMs are named "Name [Region] (Year)". For ISOs I have one folder per platform and then one folder per game in it following the same naming convention because disc based games tend to be multi disc or multi track with bunch of BINs and CUEs.

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Can anyone tell me the point to having ten thousand roms? I bought a lot of books and I read a chapter before bed each night which isn't enough time to even finish half these books.

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Folder for each console. Simple.

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I've played thousands of games (including romhacks and fan-made projects).
My collection is giant, but simultaneously very organized and curated.
I even shared copies of my collection with some of my friends, which aren't as autistic about this hobby, because they politely asked me about it.
Unlike some data hoarders, I do play every single game that I have.

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For me, I like the discovery. I go into a platform and check games I never heard of and get surprised when it's at least decent. This is specially true with arcade games and japan only games, so much good and weird stuff you can find just clicking randomly. I don't watch "hidden gems" videos or whatever, they are usually really bad with the same couple of recommendations over and over, they don't even scratch the surface of what the platform has.

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What books?

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what do you mean core setup?

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how do u make custom playlists is it easy

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afaik you use manual scan with a custom name and scan the directory with the games that you want
pretty easy

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how do u use a custom name

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set system name to custom and type something for the custom system name

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is there a tutrial anywhere new to this

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>folder/roms/Nintendo/Snes(EU e US roms here)/JP(JP roms here)
>folder/roms/Nintendo/Nes(EU e US roms here)/JP(JP roms here)
>folder/roms/Sega/Mega Drive(EU e US roms here)/JP(JP roms here)

And is the same for all systems I have.

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thanks you are a god send

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Also, whenever you want to add new games to the playlist just go to settings > playlists > manage playlists > select the playlist > refresh playlist
It will re-do the scan with the same settings you set up initially

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>he doesnt hoard thousands of games on an external drive and only selects up to 20 games at a time to put on his main storage so that he can have both a neat, small selection of readily playable games as well as a massive library that he can tap into at any time to replace said readily available games when hes finished with them
ngmi !

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how do u know wat games are 2 player

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either organize them yourself or find out as you play them

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easiest way for me is to open the desktop menu, make a new playlist, drag and drop rom files into the middle menu and configure/name them 1 by 1.

If you're using the steam ver you have to copy/paste your playlist folder from the standalone RA, that's what I do.

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roms/Nintendo - Nintendo Entertainment System/Castlevania (USA).7z

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Where the fuck do you guys download roms? I need some Master System games. Every website seems shady to me.

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Be glad I'm willing to spoonfeed

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per console like a normal human being... what the fuck?

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ffs, how does no one know this by now

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can i ask how much space do you have trying to figure out how much ill need

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also anyone know if this is 2 player https://www.romhacking.net/translations/6348/

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Where do you find them to begin with?

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Dedicated emulation drive

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System -> Country

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with Launchbox

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Why are you replying to me

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he knew you were both gay so it made sense

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James Bond, Stephen King books Connan, autobiographies by athletes I admire, Silver age comics too. I really like to check the books they adapted to movies.

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>use retroarch
>2 games have the same exact name, but different platforms
>they both track the same runtime/saves/states
>changing their names would be stupid, and would break the boxart thumbnails

I fucking hate this program. Why can't they track things by hashes?

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I love Launchbox I wish it was a bit faster on my computer.

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>2 games have the same exact name
no, the fact that you have named them the same in the same folder is false

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Basically this

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Oh. The most boring taste imaginable. Imagine wanting to read an already 6/10 action movie like James Bond as a book. Admiring 'athletes' is one thing, but to read about their dull repetitive lives and uninsightufl minds is another. You ougthtta be reading the biographies of their coaches if any. Not some shitty ghostwritten FAMOUS PERSON book.
Wow. You call those books? Is your favorite ninja turtle gonna save the damsel in distress from monster of the week? No wonder you asked what the point was.

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It's true, it's not as lightweight as something lke RetroFE or EmulationStation. There are a couple of things you can do to improve it though. If your system is low on resources, switch to "Old Default" theme. It works way better than the new dynamic ones. But the most inportant tweak you can do is have the cache folders on an SSD (or the whole Launchbox installation for that matter). In the image folder you'll find "Cache-LB", which is where images generated by the fontend are stored. If you create a symbolic link of that folder and put it in an SSD, performance increase substantially. I have my whole Launchbox installation on an M2 drive, so performance is really good out of the bat. I'd imagine having it on an USB drive would be torture.

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