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about to play pic related and then play Terranigma
what am I in for? I've never played either one, decided to give them a try since im tired of playing square rpg's

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if you die in either game then you die in real life, so be careful about that - most emulators DO recreate this feature accurately

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An enjoyable, albeit linear game.
It's not a world of fantasy like the spiritual prequel Soul Blazer (same developer team. You should play that one someday), instead it's based on ancient cultures and the exploration of ruins.
Overall, it's more puzzle-driven than the other games but it's a great experience.

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Me too, but I am wondering if I should play Soul Blazer as well

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OP here, yes play it, you should play it first. iv already finished it so ill go straight to gaia

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I smell a shitty anime coming...

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>what am I in for?
To not find the bonus area without a guide.

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Just play the game, you don't need to pre-blog about it here.

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Play Soul Blazer first.

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Play the fucking games then make a thread.

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A generic, milquetoast game you will forget all about as soon as you're done with it. Play something original like Bushi Seiryƫden instead.

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Did you play Actraiser first? What did you think of it?

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This. You don't need people to tell you all the tricks and how to beat the game and what to think before you play it.

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Gaia is far superior. Terranigma is just a retread of the themes and gameplay that was done far better in the other games, and it was made by a different team. It has really inconsistent graphics (opening town looks lovely, the rest of it looks shit), and the music is dreary, Puzzles/combat is pretty bad in it too.

PS - The original team made Actraiser/Soul Blazer/Gaia and Robotrek.

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Some of the music was good, most of the music in that game sucks bowels

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The only real connection is the secret boss of IoG and the use of phoenix magic, it's still a nice game although the weakest in the saga.

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Fuck you I forgot about this. Hamlet, why???

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>im tired of playing square rpg's
how is this possible

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Didn't like all the friends die? But it was okay because they all reincarnated in Jpaan

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