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Is Super Metroid the only game where they let you remap controls in some capacity? Why do they hate giving users some choice in that regard?

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They think that allowing the player to remap controls is a mark of failure as a game developer.

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Super Gameboy lets you choose between two options (which it strangely defaults to B instead of A). In Yoshi's Island and Ocarina of Time you can change the egg aiming/z-target to hold or toggle.

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They certainly failed with metroids button layout as its a nightmare to hit face buttons with just your thumb.

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You know now that you mention it, I can't think of many if any Nintendo games where you can remap controls! Interesting. I've never really noticed it before though so I guess it's a bit of a non-issue.

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Unironically that's actually a Japanese gamedev mindset.
Hence why even most "first party" Nintendo games made outside of Japan, the likes of Rare or Midway, support remapping of controls.

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I got the nes controllers for switch and they work great but the faggots intentionally designed it so you cant remap the buttons unless its a specific game allowing it.

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The rationale makes sense if you think about its origins. Pre-NES controllers were a mess of generic buttons that you had to use paper inserts to know what anything did. Nintendo streamlined it and just told you "do it like this...and for everything." Which did allow for a much more elegant experience game to game.

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In Super Mario All-Stars, you can choose to play with B=Jump Y=Run like in Super Mario World or B=Run A=Jump like in the original NES games.

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F-zero GX will let you do it.

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>Why do they hate giving users some choice in that regard?
I don't know, but it's based

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>I'm playing pes with my friends
>control is broken
>can I remap to buttons that are still working

So nintendo wants me to buy another controller?

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Mario All-Stars

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>select button for special attack

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I feel like that's not super common in Japanese games in general. Or console games, really.
The idea of fully remappable controls as a standard is a very PC gaming thing. I don't know, but I would bet the latest big PS5 game doesn't let you fully remap controls.

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Fighting games pretty much always let you remap controls. Mega Man X, as well.

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Games that use the start and select buttons for anything more than menu shit, or at absolute most activating an item (not in the heat of the moment), are unholy abominations

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When games use select for cycling through a menu but don't let you just use up and down, I get irrationally mad.

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Speaking of, I always liked games that had a choice in diff control layouts, but sometimes they'll do this thing where they'll swap one button to opposite sides (r1/l1), but not the one button you want. So finding games with remappable controls is really nice.

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Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. I always remap left and right hands to L1 and R1 respectively. Then I put the transformations onto the face buttons.

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>play Tropical Freeze
>no way to remap the controls to something not retarded
Retro must be made by a tribe of nomadic Japanese Texans.

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I know that Megaman X lets you remap the controls. I dunno what Capcom thinking by having dash on the A button. Having dash on the right shoulder button is god-tier and the correct way to play.

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its actually really good on a snes controller
really bad on switch lite

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Who would ever choose to use the B/A setup on a snes controller is beyond me, B/Y is far more ergonomic.

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Just doubletap

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It does? Are you sure that's not just later re-releases? I couldn't find that when I played it recently.

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It definitely allows remap on the original SNES cart.

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And then you have games that waste a layout on a complete meme.

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One of the only console games I can think of that allows for full PC-tier button remapping is Silent Hill, it even let you bind multiple buttons to the same action or leave functions unbound. I always thought that was strange considering it's really not the kind of game that calls for very specific control options and very few other action adventure games gave you that level of customisation.

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I've only ever used a snes controller and holding l or r whilst running, jumping and shooting was not so simple.

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Goldeneye and Perfect Dark had a bunch of control options

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>Pre-NES controllers were a mess of generic buttons that you had to use paper inserts to know what anything did
You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like.

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because they were made by britbong devs

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Here's an experiment. Load up an Intellivision emulator with a rom of Football and figure out how to play without reading any of the paperwork that came in the box.

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You could say the same thing about e.g. Halo. The difference is that Halo included its own controller documentation within the game itself, which wasn't even technically feasible back with Intellivision games.

Besides, everyone knows that the game to play is obviously Tron: Deadly Discs.

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Modern games screw this up too. We're talking about NES where Nintendo addressed a common problem and came up with a controller interface that was universally intuitive and forced developers to stick to it.

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>Here's an experiment. Buy a copy of catan and figure out how to play without reading any of the paperwork that came in the box.

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>I would bet the latest big PS5 game doesn't let you fully remap controls.
Depends on what you mean by "fully", but nearly everything has control remapping since there's a big push for "accessibility" these days. All the modern consoles have system-level remapping too.

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