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Many great GG games received even better SMS ports. What are some remaining GG exclusives?

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Sonic Triple Trouble is a big one, I always used to forget that it was never ported to SMS. Tails Adventure and Sky Patrol especially should've been ported to SMS, the latter benefitting greatly from the larger screen real estate. Mega Man would've been cool to see on SMS for a number of reasons but we got Wily Wars so whatever.

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As a child, a lot of my friends had GG but never seemed to play them. Thing was too big and ate aa batteries at light speed.

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Not very good but Ax Battler. Sylvan Tale also remained exclusive to the GG but was jap only, which is a shame. Shinobi GG 1 and 2.

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If you're into that, JRPG wise GG got two Phantasy Star games, Shining Force Gaiden Final Conflict and a Lunar game.
>Mega Man would've been cool to see on SMS

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>holds left
>sonic goes right

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Pretty much everything that has a GG2SMS hack.
The GG Aleste games are especially good.


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