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Why do the textures and some assets just NOT fit with the Mario universe aesthetic?

It was like they were just grabbing assets from the 3D development software default presets instead of making textures that would specifically fit Mario. The goomba/koopa/bowser models are pretty good and so is lakiu, but jesus christ the environment textures are awful.

Like seriously I hate to be that guy but maybe zoomers think it's a creepy game because some of the textures are too detailed for a Mario game.

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>The environment textures are awful
They are stock 3D textures anon

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Because the 'Mario Aesthetic' wasn't a link until New Super Mario Bros.
Mario's artstyle and aesthetic varied wildly between Mario 1/2JP, 3, World, 64 and Sunshine.

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Try playing more 5th gen games

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Thing, not link.
Dunno why the fuck I typed that.

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>NOT fit with the Mario universe aesthetic
how soulless are you?
every mario game before this had a different style

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given we are talking about a 26 year old game its probably some minor effect of age.

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There's the answer to your question, faggot OP

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>why doesn't this Mario game fit the aesthetic I decided it had? I know waaaay better than the Mario creators

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Mario aesthetic is kind of overrated overall, but I liked what they did in Odyssey. I think it's the most visually interesting game in the series, dino mario is awesome

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>not including Mario 2

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If you own a Nintendo switch you shouldn't be allowed on this board.

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>if you own this well designed video game console that makes playing video games convenient, you shouldn't be allowed on this board, despite how much of the library is ports of retro games
Jesus dude just end your life nobody wants a braindead asshole like you talking to them lol

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This picture conveniently leaves out the aesthetics of the clouds. Like the clouds having eyes, or how the bricks in whomps fortress don't look like the bricks in 1/2.

Pic related is Marios aesthetic PERIOD! Yōichi Kotabe.

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>hokey pokey tranny
not a mario game

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>was released as a Mario game in USA and Japan
>was included in collection of Mario games on SNES in USA and Japan
>Was released as a Mario game on GBA in USA and Japan
>Was developed by Mario's creator and the developers behind the Mario games
>Mechanics and characters from the game are still present in Mario games even to this day
>You: "not a mario game"
Sure anon, whatever you say.

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A bunch of them were literally just stock images taken from libraries. It was a very early attempt at a 3D game for Nintendo, so they were winging it a bit. I like that about it though. You can make a thing too polished.

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Because it was the first time mario was in 3d and nintendo wanted to experiment

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Remember that time Miyamoto said it was his alltime favorite Mario game?

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You know Sonic Adventure?
Why do the textures and some assets just NOT fit with the Sonic universe aesthetic?
Where the fuck are the totem poles, dancing mechanical flowers, gigantic mushrooms? Did these retards even KNOW they were making a Sonic game???

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they were literally doing that, most textures were just taken from asset CDs and cut or altered slightly and slapped into the game, they probably wanted a more realistic 3D look but it came off weird

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Mario, Thing, the list goes on

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>It was like they were just grabbing assets from the 3D development software default presets
Oh no, it's a retarded millennoomer that doesn't know SM64 history.

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>Why do the textures and some assets just NOT fit with the Mario universe aesthetic?
They literally bought a texture CD and used the textures from that.
No joke.

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This is where they really just said "fuck it" we'll do what we want.
Literally nothing about Delfino feels at home in a mario game. It's almost as if they originally designed the game for a different character to live in.

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looks fucking impressively evocative of it actually

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the whole story starts with him going on vacation

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To be fair, early Mario sequels made it a point to NOT take place in the boring Mushroom Kingdom: SMB3 was in the Mushroom World, SMW was Dinosaur Land, SM64 was the castle paintings/walls, SMS was Isle Delfino, etc. Even the Mario RPGs used to pretty much go beyond the Mushroom Kingdom. People like to retroactively pretend that only the Game Boy Land games had Mario visit different locales, but that's far from true. Mushroom Kingdom was basically just Super Mario Bros. and The Lost Levels, and all New Super Mario Bros. intended to do was establish the modern Mushroom Kingdom aesthetic. Granted, Mario still explores different places in the non-NSMB mainline (and it's telling that the only non-SMB game included in the pic is SM64), but hard-mandate retardation prevents the style was veering off too much now.

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Since when did Mario have a cohesive aesthetic? Besides, I think they add to the surreal nature of the game.

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Lol, nice joke picture there, skips over every 3D Mario

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Have you tried not playing it upscaled and playing it 240p?

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It looks ugly, this game is pretty rough. Mario animation is visually the most pleasant thing in the game

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none of those enemies are in doki doki mario, you nitwit

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I do this for PS1 games, I suppose I should do it for N64 as well

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Different anon here but you really should. They just look a little better at the original resolution, or at least something close to it. 480i is even kinda pushing it with some games.

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You know, maybe I'm too much of an aesthetics fag but I've always found SM64's mismatched assets unusually offputting, in fact I can't think of any classic game with a more inconsistent look. It's also extra weird given its scope and performance are so impressive for when it came out, as if Nintendo pulled a Sega, much better grasp of the technical side of graphics, as opposed to the artistic one

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Nearly every N64 games looks like shit.

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Which do you prefer fellas, Bipedal Koopas or Quadrupedal Koopas?

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Plays like shit too, but nugamer kids won't admit that because they were brainwashed to fuck by Nintendo.

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>It was like they were just grabbing assets from the 3D development software default presets
This is literally, exactly what happened.

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Because Mario 64 is a glorified tech demo than a real Mario game

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NSMB isn't mainline

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Stop spamming that massive, projecting faggot's review.
>Halo 1 is overrated
>But Halo 2? *Chef's kiss*

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That's unironically what makes it appealing in my POV, I know that's an unpopular opinion but I honestly didn't lose interest in Mario titles until Nintendo started enforcing STRICT uniformity in the art direction, after Sunshine.
Sunshine has lots of game design flaws but its art style and graphics isn't one of them. Virtually every enemy with the same role had a completely new design and I found that refreshing instead of the same old goombas and koopas. If I had to be nitpicky; it may have needed a bit more thematical variety.

Anyway, modern Mario games are just boring in terms of art direction. I know that's more or less the entire point of the franchise; to be as safe as virtually possible to appeal to kids, but boy do I miss the more realistic assets from the pre-NSMB days. SOUL from picrel is something we will never get again from a Mario game.

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It's easy (you)s

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>I've always found SM64's mismatched assets unusually offputting
I always thought setting the game in various different paintings offset that notion.
Bipedal because for some reason I never saw the original sprites as quadrupedal as a kid, the rear-legs looked like tails to me and Bowser and the Hammer Bros. were already bipedal so it made sense to me that the closest-related footsoldiers would be bipedal. It wasn't until I saw oldschool NES/Famicom artwork that I went "buh?" Also, having them bipedal sets them apart from their Shellcreeper ancestors.

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Yeah I was pretty disappointed with Mario 64 at the time it released. Super Mario World looked like an interactive cartoon while SM64 looked somewhere between barren and creepy. Now I appreciate it for its gameplay and don’t really care how it looks.

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I'm sure that was part of the reason they did separate worlds, but even between elements from the same levels there's often a discrepancy

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They tried to trick people into thinking the N64 was more advanced than it was by pulling from tropes of raytraced 3D graphics, even ones that didn't make sense in a realtime game.

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