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Here's The Legend of Zelda on the NES

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Japs just throw shit away, what do they fucking care.

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Literally no one thought to keep most of this shit until the late 90s because EVERYONE just saw games as a disposable medium. The only reason why some American stuff exists is because they were actual paintings or people kept them for use in their portfolios.

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it's ok for things to be forgotten.

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But a lot of stuff did get saved. Nintendo still has old prototypes and source code from that era and they've even backed it up onto their modern servers for archival. A lot of old art from that era did get saved and was republished later in art books like Mega Man (Capcom) did.

A lot of stuff got preserved. Just because Square was retarded doesn't mean that the entire industry was.

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Nintendo is the exception. Their record keeping is crazy good compared to the rest of the industry. But they are also a 100 year old toy company so unlike most software houses they likely have plenty of warehouse space for storage and were probably in the habit of keeping shit.

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Most mediums were disposable, not just games. Its really only recently that people actually starting caring about preservation. Entire movies are lost to time because nobody thought to preserve the film. Video masters of TV shows were typically taped over or discarded so several series are incomplete or have garbage copies. Famously the reason Dragon Ball's audio is such low fidelity (seriously, it sounds like it was recorded in the 1960s) is because Toei trashed the original masters and only kept lower quality broadcast tapes. People's VCR recordings of the original airing sounds better than the Blu-rays.

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Not if you have the ability to preserve it.

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really. it's ok and healthy to forget things. not everything has to be digitized and memorialized for all eternity.

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Stupid shit you posted online as a 10 year old? Yes.

Interesting materials regarding the development of or entire forms of media? No reason at all to just willfully let it be erased.

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I literally have you another example that wasn't Nintendo

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They thought they were making kids toys that would be forgotten in a decade. They had no idea they producing international cultural touchstones.

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even after Pac Man?

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This is what a cultureless, stillborn zoomer actually looks like.

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I know labels are 0 to F because of hex memory names, but why are 0 and 1 rows kept empty? What about Cx0 to Dx1

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Who knows? It looks like it's laid out differently in the ROM.

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Theyre still kids toys

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is the original spritework just giving you the finger or something

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Yes. Bowser also originally flipped the bird as his win pose in SMRPG

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No? You should have heard what the designers of the 1957 Chevy thought at the time. They just thought they were making a disposable shitbox and were also a little disappointed that Ford sold more cars than them that year.

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Did flipping the bird have a different meaning in japan?

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It's not seen as quite as vulgar as in the west, if memory serves. It's still insulting but it's the same as seeing characters swearing in english, played more for laughs.

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Never forget.

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Something being a financial sensation doesn't mean people will recognize it as a cultural touchstone. Do you think Farmville is a cultural touchstone?

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>Square trashed FFIX' original files and refuses to give the money for a faithful recreation

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I think this was in the Hyrule Historia or whatever but Zelda's first plan was just a dungeon crawler without the overworld.

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Zelda is a dungeon crawler

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with an overworld

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Zelda blobber with deterministic no RNG combat wen

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Nintendo saves everything. That's how they're able sell you the same games over and over and over on newer systems. They've got code and assets going all the way back, safely stored away.

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>nintendo saves everything

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thats just proves that they do, backups failing is another matter. And we dont know if those(from gigaleak) were the only ones, apparently there was shitton more stuff that didn't get leaked so whatever those failed ones were, they could be safe somewhere else.

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>gets caught using a ROM for Super Mario Bros. on the Wii Shop Channel

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Video games, retard. I was talking about Video games. And the other guy was talking about movies.

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Nintendo keeps everything because they're insanely possessive of their properties and Capcom's artists (Akiman and the Megaman Team in particular) were massive otaku who loved to keep all of their art. Hell, Dragon Quest's art probably only exists because they're literally Toriyama's property.

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We just have THIS one sheet of paper. Where's literally ALL the design work for Zelda? I want the actual memos, ever sheet of design paper, and ever shred of concept art period. Otherwise, all of this "Oh, X was suppose to be Y because someone in one interview said so" is just fluff and bullshit. It's on par with George Lucas going back and forth always wanting prequels and shit; its all bullshit until proven otherwise.

Miyamoto could have literally used a crayon to do this the month before the Historica came out just to fill space. Same with the whole "Zelda was suppose to take place in the past, present and future, with the Triforce actually being computer chips".

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You're a fucking retard. That lie that Frank Cuckaldi spread was debunked.

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