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Thank you, Japan.

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You're welcome.

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-for nothing!

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did you go to Japan yet?

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I live in Japan.

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For what?

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Cute autistic girl.

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Pretty much saving the videogame industry in the USA.

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Thank you for all the great memories.

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If it wasn't for Japan, retro games would be a complete joke aside for a few golden era arcade games. Also modern video games would be even worse.

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whataburger is japanese?

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Making games that weren’t glorified tech demos.

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>The polite staff member with her silky hair, pale white thighs, and long socks
N-no... I came here for games... retro games...
I can b-be strong...

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> what is amiga
> what is c64
plebs detected

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Thank you, Japan. I want to move there.

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>"The speccy saved games!"
>The notable games are dumb British ports of Japanese games, or interpretations of popular Japanese games
Sure kid

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The post here >>9153475 still applies

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This post >>9153475 still applies here

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Rude femcel bumps into staff member

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From a wretched future where that POS might have gotten traction.

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Even Americans were making games, just not for consoles.

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I grew up with commodore systems. The games are mostly terrible, the designers did not understand anything back then, especially controls and level design.

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Uh, how do I get a nice-legged, autistic japanese girlfriend?
Not the first time I see this webm, where is it from anyway?

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>The notable games are dumb British ports of Japanese games, or interpretations of popular Japanese games
Say again?

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+1 not the first time ive seen this, i adore this autist
someone post sauce dammit

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You will never be Japanese.

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>dekinai-chan enters the thread
fuck off we want our cute autismo jap girls

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Which retro game is this thread about?

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ur mum faggot

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Seconded. Pls, bring cute niptism girls!

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I toured for two weeks. I miss Coco Ichiban.

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Run Saber

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Super Tism Girl 2: Staffbumping.

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That was a good version.
Added glasses physics so you need to readjust them.

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*run saber voice* Run Saber

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Praised be you, bro!

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Are there any good places to visit in japan for weebs? Akihabara is no longer what it was, I believe.

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Just go to Nara and hang out with the deer

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I was under the impression that Japs can’t stand otaku, let alone gaijin otaku.

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They only can't stand white gaijins. Japanese girls love black men.

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>enter thread expecting to see speccy seethe
>it's there
kek, that fucking guy.

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