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>vintage games: "retro"
>old games that aren't "retro": [no name]
>actual retro games but we can't use that name because we're using it for vintage games so we need to figure out a new name: [no name]

I feel like we need to come up with some proper names for these 3 categories and actually stick to it so that zoomers will stop thinking that stuff like Super Mario World, Celeste, and Sonic 06 all go in the same category. Because otherwise we're going to see another rule change on this board in a couple of years and you'll find threads here about literal shit games like Sonic 06, CoD: Black Cops, and Portal. Let's protect our comfy containment board.

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Or you could just not take this shit so seriously. You do have a life outside old games and this board right?

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I seriously doubt op has a life

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80's gaming, 90's gaming, 2000's gaming

And I guess 70's gaming for the five people that actually care about early Atari and Pong machinesAK01S

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I have a job, a family, a house, friends, play sports (which is how I met most of my friends). But old games are also my favorite hobby and I'm autistically obsessed with them.

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Anon, no one knows what "vintage", "old but not retro", and "actual retro" are supposed to mean. You need to define what the hell you're talking about before we can give proper names to these alleged categories.

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Vintage games is stuff like NES, SNES, Neo Geo, (most) arcade games, Genesis, PC98, C64 etc. Games like Super Mario World, Ocarina of Time, and Arkanoid.
Old but not "retro" is stuff like Gamecube, Xbox, 360, PS3, And now PS4 games. Games like CoD: Black Cops, Super Mario Galaxy, and Persona 4.
Actual retro games are modern games that try (but usually fail) to imitate vintage games. Stuff like Shovel Knight and Celeste.

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Retro games
Modern games
Contemporary games

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I like your solution but retards are going to say that Wii games aren't modern.

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Ah, now I'm picking up what you're putting down.

Personally, I'd move the sixth generation of consoles down into vintage games simply because of the massive shift that the industry underwent with the jump to the seventh generation of consoles. That generation saw the introduction of elements like HD gaming, digital distribution, DLC, microtransactions, an increased focus on online gaming, AAA development becoming a massive financial undertakings that only a few studios can afford to develop, indie games becoming widespread (especially on consoles), the rise of mobile gaming, the death of consoles having well-defined libraries (as swaths of old games from previous consoles are continually ported to modern consoles), free-to-play games, live service games, and the United States once again overtaking Japan as the center of the gaming industry for the first time in 20+ years. I guess the Wii could also be included with the Gamecube, PS2, and Xbox in the vintage category because it lacks so many of the features mentioned before. Althought, it feels weird that one seventh gen console would be vintage and the other two would just be old but not retro, so I'm just going to ignore it for now.

I think the term "retro" is fine for describing the era from the NES to the seventh generation, even if that's technically not using the term properly. Games from the "retro" era definitely have a different feel to them for a variety of reasons. Dev teams were small and games had a limited amount of space, so games feel a lot more creatively focused and that they're more than the sum of its limited parts. Alternatively, we just have hindsight and can forget the shit on the market. I'd be tempted to call this era the "Golden Age of Gaming" like with comics, but this name might be too self-righteous.

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For old but not retro, I'd call them "old modern games". I know that's somewhat oxymoronic, but games like Black Ops and Arkham City have too many elements of what makes the seventh-gen and onwards feel different from what came before it to be called retro, but they're also well over a decade old at this point and can't really be called new. Alternatively, you could extend the "Golden Age" naming convention and call the seventh generation onwards the "Silver Age of Gaming" until we once again run into a bunch of paradigm shifts, which would make these games "old/early Silver Age games".

I think "Indie games" is totally fine for actual retro games. Most of those games are made by independent developers without a big publisher sponsoring their release until after the game's development is almost complete, so it works for stuff like Shovel Knight and Cuphead. The only category it doesn't really work for is retro throwbacks from big companies like Mega Man 11 or Super Bomberman R, but I guess you could just call those "modern retro/Golden Age throwbacks" and most would understand what you're talking about.

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Playing video games isn't a hobby

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