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What are some mods that remaster old games and make them playable in 2022?

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All you need is either patches or wrappers, most old Windows games (like late 90's and newer) actually even run properly out of the box on modern Windows.
Why remaster?

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Com'on be honest, you wouldn't play the upper picture in 2022 anymore

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posting in a zoomer thread

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You know what board this is, right?

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black mesa is not the same game as half life
it's a complete remake. not even the voice actors are the same.

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i just played it a few months ago. higher fidelity isnt necessarily better. the top gauss gun oozes style. i like the copper more than those vents

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>and make them playable in 2022?
this'll be good

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Soul vs onions

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Yes I would
>Better AI
>Better Xen
>No shitty bloom on everything
>Better OST
Black Mesa really only has visuals going for it which is now starting to look dated by being on the Source engine. HL1 at least is dated to the point of being charming.

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Top = Soul
Bottom = le redditing indie onions

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Black Mesa is straight garbo senpai, frfr.

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what compelled you to make this post OP?

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Black mesa ost was so fucking cringe and cookie cutter

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bitch I played South Fox like two weeks ago

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Old engines are more comfortable because everything is carpeted.

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Even the parts that aren't meant to be comfy. It's all you can do when you got to make everything out of painted carpet

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brutal doom of course

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Brutal doom is an entirely different game to classic doom, just play the new ones at that point

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Star fox?

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No, South Fox

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I know this is bait just like 95% of OPs and replies on this god forsaken board, but there are people that really believe everyone else is a graphicsfag or a lying graphicsfag that can't stand old graphics.
I play both but I always gravitate towards HL1, 800x600 with the original models (would play on higher res no problem if the UI scaled properly)

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kys zoom

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You could've used a game that is actually awful to play nowadays but then again it wouldn't be a bait thread anymore, eh OP?

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I still can't get over how much worse Xen is in Black Mesa. Too fucking long and they put way too much focus on art over playability. There are parts where the intended path feels like you're going out of bounds or traveling on unintended collision shit's fucking awful.

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diablo 2 resurrection

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I made some comparisons of overbrighting going on and off. This doesn't represent the change between vanilla xash and anons dll because both are with the dll, just overbrighting going on and off, and modulation being adjusted so that 'other things are equal' in a visual sense. First one the overbright is added makinf for additional brightness, like in the anon's own comparison

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but while that high brightness can look cool, you can see that the rocks in sunlight are brighter than the skybox rocks (which are in the same sunlight) so you can imagine this is not what was intended. So, in this one, the overbright is turned on but the lighting modulated down so that the brightest parts of the scene are the same (i.e. the tops of the rocks in the back) and match the skybox both times.

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i tried playing black mesa but my shit pc couldnt get past on a rail without tanking fps

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black mesa is a great game that ironically falls apart at xen
HL1 is better but that doesn't make BM bad

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>playable in 2022
Seeing this zoomer shitpost buzzword shit a lot this week.

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black Mesa is trash because you can't bhop

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All you need is Xash3D

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its brighter?

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It's more contrasty.

To be fair, the sun is supposed to be almost directly overhead, and you only see the distant cliffs from below.
The cliff map's skybox is probably a better candidate for matching, since it's explicitly made to blend in with the foreground, and you can see the horizontal plane underneath for reference.

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>All you need is Xash3D
>It's brighter
>It's more contrasty.
what you need to say here is that both of the images are Xash3D, and in the bottom one you turned on a feature that you modded for it. If you post a before:after comparison that says "all you need is xash" it implies that one is hl.exe and one is xash

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or, maybe the top is hl.exe? nevertheless the bottom is not 'Xash3D' (its your mod of it)

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top one is latest goldsrc, look in the rock formation on the right there is a triangle seam not seen in the original.

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>it implies that one is hl.exe and one is xash
It is.
And yes, it's also with my mod that adds overbrightness, but the point here is that Xash3D is open source, so you can remaster it however you want instead of opting for that sacriligegious "remaster" in the OP.

I posted the source a while back. If you are interested, I can look for it.

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Got any screenshot to prove this? I've never seen map and texture alignments screw up as a result of an update.

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the screw up is in the xash side of the image. lazy crop

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Oh, I thought you were referring to the large seam facing downwards.

If I am not mistaken, that's an age old quirk of GoldSrc lightmaps in general. Even Quake has this problem at certain corners, but it appears to be excacerbated in Half-Life for whatever reason. The seam is probably masked by the clipped lighting on the top image.

The problem may or may not lie at the map compilation level, so I am uncertain if it can be fixed.

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>The seam is probably masked by the clipped lighting on the top image.
the texture is continuous in that area whereas in the bottom is discontinuously aligned

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I'll be honest, I'm probably not as tolerant as a lot of people on /vr/ and there's plenty of old games I can't enjoy, either because of graphics or gameplay. Half-Life is not one of those games. Played it for the first time in 2018. That shit holds up.

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>towers no longer have a soulful green glow
>middle sign downgraded
>turret guns now embarassingly tiny
>no unique fence along the right wall anymore

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It's actually reasonably close with gl_overbright turned on here. The foreground is darker in some areas, and brighter in others. What seems to mostly set it apart is the hue. The skybox has a blue tint, which I guess makes sense with an additional ambient contribution from the sky.

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What is this zoomer on about? Remaster? Make playable? Is this like when they say some black money shit like "frfr bussin no cap"

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This "zoomer" (troll) is looking to instigate unrest by implying that older games are somehow "unplayable" in the present time because they didn't age well, presenting a controversial image to support his disingenuous claim that more older games should be remastered, which in itself is a very divisive topic in the community. Hope that helped!

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