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Are there people who genuinely think filters are nice to look at? Why not just play on a CRT, or even just use a CRT filter if it doesn't hurt your eyes. Seriously, this sprite looks like that weird shy-guy without mask picture.

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Guardian Heroes filter adds shading and outlines are strong so sprites don't look blurry

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>absurd photoshop filter that looks nothing like the real thing
>super zoomed in image
>hey it looks bad
>thats the kind of argument that crt shader shills come up with

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Genuinely confuses me how people can play games like this and think it looks good. It's horrifying.

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This is a massive improvement over blocky pixels in a giant LCD screen and not an ugly meme unlike CRT shaders
I don't see where's the problem?

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Never post again

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To think that when my channel gets mentioned here, it's just to sperg about the my shader choice. Good grief!

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I always thought the Super Eagle and Super 2xSaI option on emulators were a some kind of a joke, like those fancier photoshop filters.

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You made the game look like crumpled up paper. You are bad.

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OP here's your answer. Yes, people like this garbage. Most YouTubers, for example. They think that more detail means betterer or something, even if the extra detail is poorly crafted by a crude algorithm that doesn't understand what's being drawn. It's a natural phase to go through as you develop your appreciation of visual aesthetics. Many people take a very long time to leave this phase; some never do.

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You just posted videos of game content without creative input(IE: voiceovers, creative editing)?
How can you feel good about yourself when you're just stealing game developer's content and gaining subs from it? pathetic

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Did you know that it is illegal to sell used games?

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When I was a dumb kid, yes I thought the smudgy shit looked better

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Filtered images have LESS detail. The pixels ARE the detail.

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you dishonore you're family

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hang yourself.

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I have a retrotink and I use the shader options all the time and it looks great. Idk what the picture you posted it but that looks like absolute garbage.
This image also looks like garbage.

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we did this just to fuck around in the 00s I dont think anyone other than little kids seriously use them

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Yes. Some people do OP. I played pokemon GSC in widescreen. We were all retarded once.

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I will be honest, when I started emulating I wanted to make games look better and smoother and for a short time I increased the render resolution to max and even used filters like that.
But now they disgust me and I appreciate the authentic retro look, I even play PS1 games at native res now cuz I love how it looks.

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THIS is how it was intended to be seen. The pixels ARE the detail and you must make sure to see each one of them

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There's literally nothing wrong with sharp pixels and you're all faggots.

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DKC sprites look fine when they're small like they are in the game

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Yes there is. kys, faggot.

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>same hyperspecific example from a game no one has played that every CRTfag pulls out of their ass
Most Japanese games had great attention done to making the pixel art look good on its own without any CRT effect cheating

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There's a million examples. Stop being a faggot.

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Yes this is exactly what I'm talking about. Left looks fine, because they designed it to look good on clearer screens. Right also looks good, but it's not like they designed the sprite to be blurred together. Nintendo was above cheap workarounds to make their games look good.

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I will not buy your chinese made crt from the 90's jamal.

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It was designed to look like the right image on old 80s CRT TV's over an RF video signal. The CRT blurs the image, and RF video signals were very blurry. The end result is the image on the right. Go back to r*ddit, zoomy.

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Nintendo is still cheap wtf you're talking

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How dare people have options.
CRTards maximum coping.

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Why does it make you so mad? How can you have so little personality that you spend your days getting infuriated by how other people play video games?
I can't think of anything sadder. How truly pathetic.

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If you load any low res image on any image viewer and zoom in it'll be filtered by default
If you load any low res video and play it fullscreen on any media player it'll be filtered by default
If you take any black vector font on white background to show on your PC screen it'll be filtered by default
Leading technology consumer market professionals don't care about your autism, they sell products to normal people.

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Nta but I do genuinely want to ask, then what about stuff like the black box boc arts or other promo material like the calendars that actively made the characters look blocky? It just seems a bit weird to me that people say sharp pixels weren't at least a part of how the games were intended to look when it was something they actively showed in promo materials and the like

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I think the exact same thing whenever people post about playing on CRTs.

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some of them looks nice, but I still prefer 1:1 pixels

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A friend taught me how to multiquote you all, but it's too bothersome. I will just answer here.

Thank you everyone for all your precious views and continuous engagement of my content. Hope that I keep flourishing, so new content is consistently made, reaching a new generation and teaching them the wonders of retrogaming and the many possibilities of how to play them.

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Why are you even on the retro board if you can't see that these games look objectively better on CRTs? By a LOT.
Clearly you aren't into retro games if you play them looking shitty and blurry on LEDs

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Every single 6th gen and older game looks objectively better on CRTs. You are the most dishonest man on 4chan if you can not admit this truth.
The difference is fucking enormous. They all look a thousand times better on CRTs. Please, stop the fucking deranged cope already, its sad at this point.

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What are you zoomers doing on this board? If you dont care about retro games then gtfo? You clearly dont care since you can't admit all retro games look incredibly garbage on LED screens and that it can not be fixed on them

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That looks terrible though
Stop samefagging already. There is no way there are multiple deranged schizos here with eye problems. Its not a matter of opinion, absolutely not a single 6th gen or earlier game looks good on anything else than a CRT.

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I have tons of real hardware, some 500 cartridges and CD's and DVD's, modded consoles to play disks I burn, 5 everdrives, but these days I mostly emulate anyway because I'm busy and it's easier and faster and I have kids. Also I have been emulating since I was a kid, you don't know how magic it was to load ZSNES and have every game ever released for SNES in the 90's. So I don't feel strongly against it. If it was not for emulation I wouldn't even collect anyway, and retrogaming would be even more niche than it is, there certainly would be no board.
If I'm playing on real hardware, yes CRT is nice though not the be all end all beautifier people pretend it is
But when I wanna play a quick session of Donkey Kong Country 2 on my laptop with LCD screen you can be damn sure I'll use filters like I have since forever because those blocky giant sharp pixels are unbearable. And those CRT shaders being shilled here are laughable ugly memes.

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Hey man, I like your stuff but lay off the shaders and filters.

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God, I can't understand how many of you can't have fun with the games. I like the CRT look, but I no longer have one, so I use a shader. One of my old buddies still have his, and it's also a blast playing at his house. He doesn't have complaints when he comes over to play and we use my LCD screen. I also play with my zoomie cousin, and, yes, he loves those smoothing shaders. I don't like them, but I play with him just fine and we have lots of fun. In one instance, I even brought my buddy along and thought he would say something about the shader... but, nothing. It didn't phased him at all, and we all played some Bomberman and Cadillacs and Dinosaurs. Can someone even pass away the chance of having fun and be the "ewww i won't play it like this" guy?

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Lol! I'm a zoomie youtuber! Pls subscribe!

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Why am I not surprised

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Abhorrent thread. Kill yourselves filter faggots.

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It looks fine i nthe thumbnail, you're not supposed to make the sprites bigger than intended.

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Right looks better.

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Shadowserg here. Everyone, I'm sorry, not used to post here. There are posts here that are not mine. I think you can play any way you prefer and don't want to start any flamewar. For the person using my account: please, stop. I don't mean no harm and just found funny that people would rather focus on my shader choice than my content.

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post the other one with the noodle limb link

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I like it. I'm sorry the way I play video games causes you physical pain. Thank god I wasn't born with that kind of crippling, pathetic autism.

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>lacking teeth definition

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usually bilinear.
not this pixel-guessing-smudging thing.
also this is actually called a render-scaler, or image upscaling algorithm, not a filter.

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Different names for the same things
Different algorithms for the same objective
You can literally use bilinear filtering in any emulator if you prefer, it's just slightly different maths to achieve slightly different results

This confuses and angers the autist

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this is pretty much what my child brain was seeing when i played it back then.

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>Different algorithms for the same objective

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