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>ZX Spectrum Versus Commodore 64
this 7 year war raged in Britain from 1983 to 1990, but who was the victor?

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>Atari ST vs Amiga 500
a strange war, where both machines were american yet the battle was in Europe

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>Atari 800 vs Commodore 64
yet round one of these two took place in USA only

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Neither had great games but the C64's were less awful, having hardware designed for games in mind. The only advantage the Spectrum had was that its 3D/super scaler games were at least playable.

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C64 is the best selling console of all time the ZX spectrum was a make work program for British housewives.

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>two lasers vs one

I think I know which one wins this fight

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I like both, they're pretty different.

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Japanese remember PC88 vs X1

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why dont they make computers like this anymore? like just a keyboard that plugs into a monitor? i feel like that design makes even more sense now than back then.

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Because people want to be able to replace the keyboard if it breaks or if they just don't like the default one.

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Apple patented the idea 45 years later.

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EuroPoor: Zed Ex SPEKdrum
USAChads: CoModeDoor 64
The correct way to say Commodore in the USA was to make it sound like Co mode. Like a slang term for the toilet.

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The X1 looks pretty sharp.

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speccy was superior for 3D games like Elite and isometric 3D like Knight Lore.
C64 was superior in any game that needed scrolling and sprite based. I'd say speccy wins DESU

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who won? the X1 was awesome

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Luv me speccy simple as

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ZX81 versus nothing else, a calculator maybe?

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the C64 had many rivals, another one was the Apple II. ass was kicked by the C64 as usual

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As an owner of both, C64 won. The Apple had a fucked up way of doing graphics, programmers hated porting/writing software to it.

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the apple II was only superior for business use, the commy was terrible in that area

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From which youtube did you obtain that opinion?

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C64 was infinitely superior to ZX, there was no competition

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>I think I'll buy a Commodore 64 for all the great business software!
said no one ever, its a games console with a keyboard

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I've only ever used a C64 : the post
every game in 3D was superior on the spectrum, pay attention to the racers in this video:

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I had both so it was a stalemate in our house, tho commodore won overall cos I had an amiga too

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>i think i better cope and project
You think?

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> steals design of amiga/atari and other computers
> creates patent
yeah, they don't have shit except the word "magic keyboard". invented before, with plenty of examples. wouldn't last a day in court, even with a free lawyer defending you.

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>every game in 3D was superior on the spectrum
3d graphics on spectrum was much simpler affair. wait for screen vblank, update 1 bitplane frame buffer. repeat. z80 also had many more registers than 6502, which is useful for handling 3d calculations. vic2's bitmap modes were very slow. c64 games didn't have enough memory to unroll all their 3d routine code to speed things up, which is why most are slow as fuck. if code was unrolled it would have taken up huge amounts of ram. you'd have relatively fast 3d routines but no memory left for actual game, sound etc. this is why c64 demos in last 25+ years are fucking amazing and spectrum scene is now dead. looks like c64 still wins no matter how you look at it.

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fantastic machine. it's the machine that speccy owners wished they had but they were too poor or just fucking retards.

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its rival was the C64, and yet again the C64 crushed its enemy with no mercy.

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poshy speccy with better colours

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Not how it works. There are plenty of good reasons to own CPC, Speccy and the MSX, the latter of which had a large following in mainland Europe. Of course, you’d know all this if you were an actual retro gaming enthusiast rather than a console wars autist.

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Lol, neither of them since both are completely irrelevant nowadays and no one remembers them. Stop warring over pieces of plastic and silicon and just enjoy the hardware for what it is retards.

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bitter Amstrad owner detected

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ive never hated the speccy but the c64 seems like a pretty clear winner

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Elite > better on speccy
Head over Heels > better on speccy
Chase HQ > better on speccy

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So kino.

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Nether, I bet on NEC.

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I had a Speccy and loved it but the C64 was easily better- gfx, sound... God, that SID chip was heavenly.

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One of the reasons Battle Command on the C64 was faster than your average 3D game was because the cartridge was used to hold pre-calculated lookup tables. They could bank switch in the answers to many of the hard sums and just get drawing.

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Yeah but mostly shit games. Speccy had worse specs but more innovative and soulful software library. And it’s still going strong 40 years later with the homebrew scene

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True, there were some great and crazy and highly inovative speccy games (similar feeling to early DOS games). I didn't own a C64 tho so didn't get to explore it to the same level.
Dat C64 music doe!

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Not really. A lot of the same games look very different. DragonNinja is a good example.

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Imagine coming to /vr/ and saying no one remembers old hardware
I think you should fuckoff back to >>>/v/ 2bqh

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Both good systems and distinct enough to not have a definitive winner. The c64 was obviously more capable but the speccy had a je-ne-sais-quoi to it. C64 had more units sold but the speccy was cloned so much it's hard to not count those, however many there may be.

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Vic20 was contemporaneous with the ZX81.

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poor ZX81 didnt stand a chance, the Vic20 was pretty good it was basically a C64 with no memory

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>the speccy was cloned so much
its estimated over 300 known speccy clones, its a goldmine of bad retro tech

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Vic20 cops a bad rap for the RAM thing despite it being easily upgradable. The reality is the Vic20 was designed as a cart based system.

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>not having hardware designed for games in mind
what happened, /vr/? how did it get to this point?