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Yoo-Hoo! Mister Tentacle Guy?

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Tangently related to point and click games, What do you anons think of this take

I personally think it's wrong because adventure games are still around, just in a different format like the stanley parable and VN's are still to an extent the same

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adding to this, not really even to that extent.
Telltale games at its core were point and click, they just leaned way more in cutscenes and character interaction

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Best point and click

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Would you, /vr/?

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op here

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never played this game but genuinely considering it

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go play it
she cute
the game is good

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It's entirely wrong. He just doesn't enjoy them anymore, which is fine. Saying games like Half-Life replaced point and clicks is the most retarded shit, though. You do not get anything even close to what you get out of Monkey Island with the story in Half-Life. There aren't even any characters.

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Death in this context means "stopped being good". Obviously video games can't actually die, but they can start being crummy.

so yeah, thanks for that one, captain obvious. How many different ways is it possible for someone to be wrong simultaneously, anyway?

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I like where this is going

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getting scummvm setup on my original xbox for maximum comfy kek
hope this schizoid lookin girl is worth checkin the game out

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Not clicking, go peddle your trash videos somewhere else. Get fucked.

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They were point and click adventure games, at least in their Back to the Future days. Then they just got lazy.

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*ahem* excuse me Shirleyfags but in this house we stan Razor

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I watched a couple episodes of the Maniac Mansion TV show a while back
Why in the fuck does this exist?

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money laundering

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>gets sent into the future full of tentacle people
>exposes her underwear immediately

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How much better would point-and-click games be if they had multiple solutions and better clues? I refuse to believe anyone did the cat part without cheating.

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hour into the game for the first time after the recommendations in this thread, loving it. I should really be getting to sleep but i wanna progress at least to where schizo girl is playable.
cat part? is that early into the game where im at? theres a skittish cat in the attic i havent interacted with beyond pushing/using/picking up kek

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laverne is adorable, she might have the funniest walk animation of any game character ive ever seen.

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Definitely something with property rights… writers in bed with execs etc. what a nutty fucking IP to flesh out.

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Also the higgest IQ kind of point and click

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Yes anon, it's me, one of the most influential personalities on gayming circles shilling for clicks in a day of the tentacle thread

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They should give you some kind of alternative. These fucking point click adventure games end up being harder than any platformer or fast paced puzzle game.

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It's amazing how artstyles can either make a game timeless or age it significantly. This 90s American cartoon look is beautiful and still looks great today, but something like King's Quest VII looks so old and outdated with its Disney animated film artstyle.

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Kings Quest sucked ass

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she cute

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Fate of Atlantis is better but this game is way more playable and recommendable due to how charming and breezy it is. Was surprised how smooth and fun it was to play last time I replayed it, while Fate of Atlantis has its frustrating moments. Surprised they didn't make more of these. Fuck Sam and Max and anyone who likes it

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Anime Laverne is hot as fuck Jesus Christ please post more.

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have no anime laverne so here's some not anime laverne

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Propper "Jhon K.'s disney-calarts" it's amazing.
The later entries in monkey island tried really hard to pull it off while at the same time trying to be 2D and not actually animating any of the cutscene-ish segments

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>*trying to be 3D
I fucked up

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>ywn hear Laverne talk about weird biology facts

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>multiple solutions
Play Maniac Mansion 1 and see for yourself.
>better clues
Actually never mind.

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Even the old format games are being made. Thimbleweed Park, Kathy Rain and Whispers of a Machine being some recent(ish) ones. And that's just the ones I've played, there are tons of shit ones I haven't.

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>ywn have laverne ask you personally to cut her open with a scalpel

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Laverne is built for BHC (Big Hoagie Cock)

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god damn

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pick one

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i choose (You)

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>This 90s American cartoon look is beautiful
looks like garbage though

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