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One of the most boring games ever. Did I get memed?

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Cmon op reply to yourself to try and make some drama, "U" can do it

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Kind of, the game is easy as fuck with the only challenge being the secret level to unlock the music box, but at least it has good graphics and a somewhat above average story.
I give it a 7 out of my last two digits.

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Sonic Adventure

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Total War: Shogun 2

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I mean, you can beat it in like 4 hours. I thought some parts could be better too, but is it really worth making an angry thread about?
The beautiful atmosphere and music are more than enough to make up for it.

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You played mario world 2?

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Custer Revenge

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>Did I get memed?
Yeah, by furfag pedos who want to fuck the main character no less.

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It's called Playstation Namco. Can't you read?

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Bernd und das R├Ątsel um Unteralterbach

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Mr. Nutz

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Complete and unfettered cringe that only appeals to quasi retards with limited physical and mental capacity, the game.

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sex with klonoa

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Ijidkijidk Sun

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>not even making it to the second game
Your loss.

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One of the most boring games ever is a bit much, but yeah, it's severely overrated. The story is nowhere near as interesting or dark as its fans want you to believe it is, and the gameplay is just okay. It's one of the most mediocre games I've ever played. Carried almost entirely by the world/atmosphere and characters.

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If it's too easy play at 120% speed.

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>Did I get memed?
Nah, you got filtered

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But the second game is shit compared to the first Klonoa.

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Everybody should start with Empire of Dreams on GBA anyway, like I did.

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Sad Simulator

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What didn't you like?

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