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Why does this game have to be so good?

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Tfw the series turned into boring 3D instead of sticking with abe and his bros.

I mean, stranger's was alright, but abe is forever.

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scrab cakes sound pretty good

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Because he farts in the title screen.

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too true

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Munch's was pretty bad I thought, as the classic Abe gameplay didn't translate well to 3D. Stranger's is much better than Munch's, and I admire the developers for trying something so different with the gameplay and setting compared the previous titles.

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>tfw the quintology will never be finished

Only two official games were ever released, Abe's Oddysee and Munch's Oddysee. Stranger's Wrath and Abe's Exoddus are side stories.

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Oh shit the new spoiler images work

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Not for me.

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When did /vr/ get these spoiler images? What the fuck.

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You been gone the past few days? We just had a sticky.

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>You been gone the past few days?

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Me either. Someone screencap it for this thread.

Sage for my meta post.

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Love it. Great work guys.

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clear your cache
or hit CTRL + F5, CTRL + R, one of those.

anyway, i never understood why they went to 3D in the first place. then again it was so long ago, maybe they were just hopping on the 3D train

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Did that a few times already. No change. Oh well.

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Didn't like Munch at all. It's not that the gameplay didn't translate to 3D, it's that the gameplay was completely different. No consequence for death, no difficulty, just boring running around and collecting.

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If you don't live in MootTown and get your shit off CloudFlare, caching doesn't do shit.

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