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>dialogue which rivals the star wars prequels

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Well, Blaustein is a hack writer after all.

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>Yeah, I killed that bitch. It was fun! She tried to tell me something but finally died, all curled up in a ball. Then "he" came after me, I shot him too, right in the face. He cried more than Mary, hah, hah, hah, hah!

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>2 characters are mentally handicapped
>one's a schizo
>one's a child
it honestly works for the characters.

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How can you sit there and eat pizza?

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Nothing wrong with that line, that's how an edgy teenager would talk.

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Soilent Hill is fucking boring

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>ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh i killed my annoying cripple wife i'm going insaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaane

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both of Reddit Hill 2 and Reddit Wars have shitty writing yet for some reason they are view as the pinnacle of story telling in their respective medium

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kek the most ill fitting promotional art ever

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But dude, the shitty acting was done on purpose because it's le Lynchian!

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not that farfetched


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No, the dialog of the prequels made it clear how the characters saw each other from their point of view

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really wish lynch would have tried his hand at a straight horror flick just once.

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lost highway and muholland drive are horror flicks

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