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The MiSTer is pretty incredible. It's so cool that this little box can provide an option that's near identical to original hardware for so many platforms.
It's very bittersweet, it's so convenient being able to swap between CRT and a giant flat screen. The idea of putting a lot of consoles into storage seems tempting now, only to bring them out when someone wants a more ephemeral or "vinyl" experience.
Inversely, what a great time to be into retro gaming. If someone cares about authenticity at all, this is a huge step in the right direction for preservation and future accessibility.
Pic related, picture of MiSTer running on my PVM. Sorry if this seems like a shill thread.

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>paying $300+ for an emulator just for "muh accuracy" that you won't even notice unless you dead stop and look really close

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I'm not very knowledgeable about how all the cores currently work, is your post implying it's far from identical?
It's not for everyone, anon. Much like someone who buys hardcover books or vinyls, there's a lot of other options like streaming or ereaders that are more affordable and convenient. It's cool there's a lot of options out there.

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3DO core never

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Once the Saturn core comes out I wouldn't be surprised if 3DO and Jaguar start getting a lot more attention. After Saturn there's very little A-tier systems left for the MiSTer so the more fringe stuff will get the bulk of the attention.

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Why bother with this over emulation/retroarch?

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Has anyone done any kind of extensive accuracy testing between a mister and a software emulator? It seems like what youre paying for is analogue output which is silly.

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Lightgun support is a big one. And while it doesn't support it yet, MiSTer could conceivably support direct playing of cartridges. That's something software emulators can't do. Software emulators have to dump the rom first and then play that while FPGA can interface with the cart hardware directly just like the original console.

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The dirty little secret is that MiSTer's FPGA cores are all based on software emulators. So they're only as accurate as the emulator they're derived from. The PS1 core is just Duckstation translated to verilog. So the accuracy will depend on what emulator the core is based on. In the case of SNES it's essentially perfect since Near was a genius.

FPGA implementations have the potential to be transistor accurate implementations, literally a clone of the OG hardware. But that takes a ton of research that has yet to be done for most systems. Unfortunately the MiSTer crowd isn't willing to discuss the nuance of this. What is being delivered is often not what FPGA is often sold on.

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the mister is great
do NOT overpay the msrp is literally 150$

i sold mine for nearly 700$

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>support direct playing of cartridges
literally impossible on de10

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>The dirty little secret is that MiSTer's FPGA cores are all based on software emulators. So they're only as accurate as the emulator they're derived from. The PS1 core is just Duckstation translated to verilog. So the accuracy will depend on what emulator the core is based on. In the case of SNES it's essentially perfect since Near was a genius.

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Yep, that's exactly why I emulate on a high end PC.
Imagine MiSTer but even more flexible in every way.

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Partially correct. A lot of the design is actually coping the chips or functions, you can't implement a HLE in MiSTer (technically you could but it would be a lot slower than what we have) , for LLE you can partially implement them but you have to still do a lot of work yourself. Most cores are a mix, the better ones are almost transistor level designs of the original hardware.

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So there isn't a goood reason then

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>The PS1 core is just Duckstation translated to verilog

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All you need is a 8 or 16 bit bus and a physical interface
You could implement cart playing right now yourself already

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>Why should I emulate when I have real hardware
>Why should I use Retroarch instead of standalone emulators
>Why not a Raspberry Pi instead of a PC
Let's argue about composite vs. RGB while we're at it, the monkeys are still typing away so we're gonna make a breakthrough in these discussions eventually

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You make it sound like emulation or Retroarch are bad options.

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This is emulation, you dumb fucking shill.

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Hardware simulation*

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>So the accuracy will depend on what emulator the core is based on.
PS1 core matches all GTE timings as of a few days ago. Bug fixes ongoing but it's pretty impressive. https://twitter.com/AzumFpg/status/1538908624436830212

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They aren't. My point was that literally every emulation adjacent thread has a question like this, followed by rep[lies why people like their preferred method, then "I still like my method better"
I wasn't comparing MiSTer to real hardware you dumb fuck, when I wrote real hardware I was literally talking about real hardware

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Hardware emulation*

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yeah but then youd still be putting inputs via usb and not the original controloer ports so whats the point right?

I mean you do care about that right? you wouldnt care about reading data off a cart vs an sd card and not care about reading button presses via the original controller port vs usb

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Depends how you personally define emulation and simulation.

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Nope, nothing is being simulated. It’s hardware description language creating an approximation or “functional recreation” as Sorg calls it. It’s still emulation.

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Define both

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You realize it doesn't have to be a "approximation" it can be 1:1 recreation, done in a hardware description language
creates a 1:1 copy with transistor gates inside the chip

Do you think the thing creates it in software? No, you just use software to tell it what pahtways and transistors you want it to create inside the chip

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It doesn’t have to be an approximation but that’s what the cores are. I couldn’t care less about the potential for a 1:1 recreation when that isn’t what exists.

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Source that NES core isn't 1:1?

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The bug list on GitHub for starters. That like the SNES the NES PPU still has undocumented behaviour. That the core is a cleaned up port of fpganes which like most of the MiSTer cores relied on open source software emulation documentation to build. Just because it’s now a very accurate and compatible core doesn’t not mean it’s anything like 1:1 with real hardware.

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even real hardware has bugs between regional models and revisions, so?

>no proof

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Not enough gpio pins you fucking spastic
This has been discussed to death already.

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lmao he fell for it
for fucking snes games of all things too

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I know but that's not a problem, the MiSTer is fast enough and the carts are slow enough and predictable to be able to easily multiplex over even a 4bit bus.
Ironic calling others spastic while you're a drooling retard.

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Damn I shoulda made it smaller. I botched the joke. Disregard me, I suck cocks.

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There's no way this isn't reddit pasta.
It's a scam.

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>paid money for an emulator
>paid hundreds of dollars for a 4 inch monitor that requires custom cabling and produces an image suitable for post production but not for playing video games
>thinks he's getting an authentic experience

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