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What are instances of mods that gone too far?
>pic related is for HL2

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I'd love to see the supposed DOOM WAD Eric Harris made of his school.

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half life 2 also has hunt down the freeman which is pretty shit but no modeled vaginas like the cinematic mod

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VE9KGJFzfmk all that we have from him is this I think, pretty decent 90s wad though

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iirc this was a fan mod but they used like a purchasable medical training model as the starting point for Alyx model or something like that

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"medical model"

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medically touching my weewee to this medical model

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No, I know Eric made a couple of WADs which are available. I want to see the one that he allegedly made of the actual Columbine high-school. He told someone he made one, but we've never seen it.

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That was media bullshit. There was no evidence he ever made a wad of his school. Most of the wads he did make are available online, the only ones that weren't archived before the site was deleted are coolname.zip, Tier, Techout and Thrasher. None of the surviving pictures of those unarchived wads match any sort of school. The only wad he made that is worth looking at is UAC Labs, which was just retardedly unfair.

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Doesnt he hype up a mod he was making called REALDOOM.WAD that never made it to release in the readme's of his other maps

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For what purpose?
also, what mod?

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Cinematic mod

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You don't want to konw, trust me.

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And a final one.

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>weird slav mod flashbacks

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>mods that gone too far?
Complaining about mods is against the rules.
This is a fundamental aspect of free speech, totally
Are you a retarded nigger faggot or something?

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I do now

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Coomer mods are pathetic, just look at all the shit in the Elder Scrolls General.

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Finally a use for tweezers LOOOOOL

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fucking got him

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It is sorta plausible but why not remove all those extra polygons?

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no such thing

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lazy devs

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there was other coomer shit in HL2 cinematic, like a dildo in the room alyx walks out from in the cutscene in black mesa east. the modder added the fully modeled pussy on purpose to the alyx model 100% i guarantee it

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Is this SFW? Asking for a friend.

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Are there any other kind?

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