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Giving Mario the ability to fly was a mistake because now every level has to be designed so you specifically can't cheese it by just flying over the level or else players will cheese your level and completely bypass it.

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And most of the levels were designed that way. There is no issue. Take your meds.

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giving players freedom to play levels how they want = based

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I don't think the flying power ups were a mistake
I think there should have been a lot more obstacles in the sky to stop you from mindlessly flying over a lot of levels in SMW though.

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Air activity was pretty glossed over in most levels. 1/6th of the game had something to do in the air.

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Flying over levels was intended, it's an optional way for small children to beat the game.
It's not the game's fault you can't stop yourself from playing on easy mode.

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I love Mario

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>play games with a challenge
>proceed to not challenge yourself
I get why, but I would never.

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>just play the game blindfolded otherwise you're playing on baby mode

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there's a limit unless you have a p wing, right? so it can't help too much, but if that's not enough just don't use it
i didn't use the cape the first time i played super mario world, well i did to learn how to, and for the hovering ability, but i didn't use it to fly over levels

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The level design doesn't suffer from this in SMB3.

The levels are very short, and often don't have enough lanes open for you to get off the ground flying. And when it is used, it has things designed for it.

SMW is where they screwed the pooch in terms of difficulty balancing with flying power ups. Now levels are longer, wider, emptier, and allows continous flying if you get the rhythm down right, at the cost of practically nothing with rarely anything getting in the way. It honestly makes me wonder why they even invented such a dumb power up that makes everything a breeze. I feel like they did just include this for casuals to fly over levels they couldn't beat, or now they're too lazy to engage with any one level and just skips it entirely.

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It's fine in 3 as far as you being able to skip entire levels. each section where you have enough runway to get off is usually an intended challenge. I do think gliding powerups like that do tend to negate a lot of the thrill of platforming though, too much error correction.

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This, in 3 you had very limited time in the air before you start descending down

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>now every level has to be designed so you specifically can't cheese it
I think you, as the player, are just as responsible to play the game/level as you think the dev intended and not cheat or exploit obvious oversights.
It’s on you though, if you get a giggle by flying over shit and thinking you outsmarted the level designers that’s cool.
If you want to self impose difficulty in various ways to make things harder, whatever, that’s cool too.
It’s a video game, a toy for children to have fun.

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