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Sin..is my old man.

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you? with a girl? you can't even kick a ball. ya gonna cry? cry baby.

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I'm not saying FFX is a perfect game or that I'm a big fan of its dub, but all these years after and I'm still pisses me off that people think this scene is badly dubbed because of Tidus' laugh.

Are they fucking retarded? The whole point of the cutscene was that he was forcing himself to laugh even though he didn't feel like it.

Have the people who think it's funny even played the game?

That is all, sorry for the autism

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you cried.

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The last good Final Fantasy

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It was so awkward that it actually convinced people it was awkward. That’s good voice acting.

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Everyone understands the scene, you are not gigabrained for knowing it's supposed to be awkward. the problem with it is that its more than awkward, it's stupid and annoying. Jap games already have massive problems making characters not behave like actual autists 24/7, the scene in the same game where the party first finds Rikku would be a good example, except that's supposed to be a scene played straight. In a game where every conversation is already stilted, awkward, and badly written, making a scene where they're intentionally doing it comes off horrible.

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>Everyone understands the scene
>the problem with it is that its more than awkward, it's stupid and annoying
This is plainly untrue, the vast majority of people refer to this scene as a meme-y example of horrible voice acting. Just check it out on YouTube and read some of the comments.

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Something I never liked. During the opening part, after Big T talks to his fans, and you're walking to the Blitzball stadium, some rando homespun narrator starts talking.

>"Zanar," I says to myself, "What are you thinking?"
>I went running straight back home.
>We sat up talking 'bout Jecht all night.

A guy named Zanar, in Zanarkand. How lazy is that?

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That character design is full of flaws. Obviously he doesn't need armor on his right arm, but why doesn't he have any over the right side of his face? It makes sense that his left leg and his torso wouldn't need protection from cold breezes like his right leg does, but what about his neck? What if his neck gets cold. And how is that chest tattoo supposed to be held up without any belt to keep it in place, or better yet seven belts? On top of all this, the sword is badly unbalanced. It needs a heavy length of rope wrapped around the narrow portion of the blade, just above those three holes. Also it should be about a foot longer, for ergonomic reasons, and the prong of the handle facing away from him is badly missing a giant feather.

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>Guy called Edwin in Edinburgh
>Guy called Dominic in the Dominican Republic
>Guy called Jackson in Jacksonville
>Guy called Nash in Nashville
>Guy called Christian in Christiansted
>Guy called Joe in San Jose
>Guy called James in Jamestown
Anon, many places are named after a real person, either someone important or its founder. Zanar is an arabic-sounding name, and Zanarkand is derived from that as Kand is a suffix used for town names. FFX takes a lot of design notes from continental Asia and Zanarkand was made to come off as foreign.

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>Have the people who think it's funny even played the game?
I mean it is funny and cringey even with context. But yes most people who vote this as a reason the game is bad have never played it. FFX filters people harder than any other game in the franchise.

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>Guy called Joe in San Jose

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Everyone understands the scene, it's just very low IQ. See this post >>9033834

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>most people who vote this as a reason the game is bad have never played it
I disliked FFX because literally every single character is fucking insufferable and designed like shit.

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Nah that's FFT and FF12

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I mean, it has seasoned voice actors like Tom Kenny and John DiMaggio, it’s rather good for one of the first games with extensive voice acting.

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