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CRT bros....you lied to me...
I got the MiSTRE VGA to RGB SCART cable from arcade express, but the image is fucked.
I've used the costume resolution utility, but nothing seems to work.
any ideas on how to fix it??

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my GPU is GTX 1070 and I'm using a generic pal crt TV.
also I'm using DVI to VGA to connect the cables

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I thought this was interesting, so I was reading the product description, it has a bunch of requirements, so you should have read them:

100% Made in Spain by Arcade Express
ArcadeVga to Scart cable (Euroconnector) to broadcast in RGB Pixel Perfect
USB with voltage amplifier 5V + 12V
Supports PC / Raspberry Pi / Mister FPGA
Auto power on and change channel to AV / RGB for CRT TV
Requires graphics card that outputs at 15khz
120cm long cable

You should take particular close attention to the thing that says:
>Requires graphics card that outputs at 15khz
I imagine most GPUs don't, since is the frequency that old TVs require and not exactly a modern requirement. I don't even have a way to know if mine does, so I'm not going to risk buying it, even though this does seems like a good product.

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>>Requires graphics card that outputs at 15khz
This is easy to get around, you just have to edit graphics.ini in C:/Windows/ and change the line hz=60 to hz=15. I don't recommend doing it though since it makes your fps per second really choppy, but if you're playing on an old CTR TV it probably won't be able to input many frames anyway.

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I love when people buy a CRT because of it becoming a fad and shit breaks and they don't know how to fix it. I should make a collection of these posts
Just get a good LCD monitor. Or OLED if you're rich

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You're feeding it a resolution that's too high for the display to handle. You need to send it something with a 15KHz horizontal refresh rate, either 240p or 480i (note the i in 480i) for an NTSC display, or 288p or 576i for a PAL display. If your GPU can't go that low consider getting an older GPU with VGA output and putting that in your computer as a secondary GPU, newer versions of Windows will let you set one GPU as display-only and perform all the rendering on the other, more powerful GPU.

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stfu zoomzoom, I got it for free

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I have an old laptop with VGA output, but the results are the same

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Pretty much this zoomers and millennial casuals are jerking off to things they never really understood, never really had. Crash course in how things work, they never touched a computer until long after the concept of PnP existed. Yeah, those CRTs are going to the dust bin. All I can say is welp, there goes your retarded hobby, to the very few people that did their due diligence to understand how things work. Anyway, the people doing the work on shaders is the way to go. TV/monitors are just gonna get better and having documents of how things worked, or at least the resultant, on old devices will provided better results than a haggard CRT that well past it designed lifecycle.

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can you share your mgs wallpaper?

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If I did will you help me?

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Crt drones on suicide watch

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I told you to get an ATI card with VGA and use CRT Emudriver.

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>I told you to get an ATI card with VGA and use CRT Emudriver.
sorry but I won't believe any more bullshit from this board anymore

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btw this is what I get when I try to set my TV to 115hz

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I am old and used to fix TVs, VCRs and CRT projectors for side money. I haunt the CRT threads, to laugh at the shit posts, I am 90% sure half of the pro CRT things said here are said as shitposts. The other 10% are people that are that stupid.

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It's the gold-standard and most likely to work.

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but it didn't.
I did everything said in that pic.
excpet the T-joiner, I don't know wtf is that

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Millennials had CRTs in the home for the majority of their childhood and teenage years, you know that, right?

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Your CRT is being fed a 720p signal and it can't display it. That's why you're seeing 3s at 480i. You need to send the right resolution to it

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That's the problem with modern cards, if you look for an old ATI card with VGA it will work.
See here:

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This is likely your problem here. You can probably get your GTX 1070 to output NTSC but it will probably require some hackery. Try livebooting Grooveymame and doing the tests and seeing if any display properly. There's so much variation in CRT sets, and video hardware and GPU hardware and drivers you're going to have to try and brute force a solution which is what groovymame will help you with.

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When I try to feed it 480i or 576i, I get this >>9034136

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This is why you play on original hardware.

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I don't want to spend more money
I will try that then
you except me to buy an arcade machine for 3000$, that can only play one game?

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>Killing a person ain't no big deal. Just put the gun to their head... pow

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Those old cards are only 25-35 bucks, they're mostly for 2D, if you want 3D out of them forget about them.

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I mainly want Saturn, Mame and N64 games

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I have an old pc from 2013 and a notebook, both have vga output and both have the issue as my modern pc

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you can do some crazy modeline shit under linux to get it to work maybe

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These are the type of cards that work, you might try and find more modern ones but you need to find a list online.

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VGA is a 31khz signal, you need a 15khz one
It’s not as easy as just plugging it in to a computer, you have to be able to push a resolution made for 15khz displays

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Well I tried using CRU to get 15khz video but this is what I got >>9034136

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What the fuck are you talking about? Playing retro on anything but a crt will gimp your play.

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Should I just buy this instead?

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This usually happens when a higher resolution image is used
I’m guessing it’s still in progressive scan

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I tried both progressive and interlaced, high and low resolution

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I don’t think it’s pushing the correct resolution
Try doing DP to VGA and VGA to RGB
I have a feeling your DVI cable is fucking it up

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Yes. Buy many. Buy many from my ebay shop.

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CRTs have boomed in popularity due to e-celebs, that's what I'm talking about.
>Playing retro on anything but a crt will gimp your play
If you're using a good monitor then the lag is negligible 99% of the time. Do you think esports are all using CRTs still? Even Melee is having to increasingly tolerate LCDs.

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Seems like the sync polarity is messed up. Check that the polarity matches this: (but not sure if it's different for PAL tvs) https://reddit.com/r/crtgaming/comments/nhbvu8/15_khz_240p_super_resolution_480i_from_gtx_1080/

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Also don't feed 115hz to a consumer set... It should either be [email protected] (or the PAL equivalent) or [email protected] (60 interlaced frames per second) (or the PAL equivalent) to be a 15khz horizontal refresh rate.

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This goes for many older zoomers as well.

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I don't think so, I have and old PC with a built in VGA port but the results are the same

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I don't know what the PAL equivalent is?, but something interesting happened when, I typed in the exact numbers and resolutions, as was mentioned in that plebbit post.
The image almost became "fine"

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*almost fine

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You need a DP to VGA adapter and a proper mode set up in CRU.

This is very wrong. Lucky you didn't blow up your CRT.

You need 240p/288p or 480i/576i at 60Hz. Also remove ALL the 31kHz modes. Make sure you pay attention to sync polarity and the timings, this isn't villy-nilly shit and you shouldn't just randomly try without research, you can destroy your hardware.

Nope, all you need is a DP to VGA adapter and a 15kHz modeline, plus any cable that works for you, like VGA to RGB SCART or BNC.
I've yet to see someone who didn't manage to make it work who didn't fuck it up themselves like OP here.

There's no reason to use CRT Emudriver anymore.

There's like two thread on /vr/ right now, CRT thread and another one talking about filters that showcase this method working perfectly fine for all the people who claim this isn't possible.

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>You need a DP to VGA adapter and a proper mode set up in CRU.
P.S. I'm not saying HDMI or native VGA doesn't work, I've seen HDMI work and iGPUs with VGA, but only online and not with my own eyes, so I won't claim it does.

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I'm interested in trying, what adapter should I get? Also got any proof?

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Why can't I just use DVI to VGA or HDMI to VGA?
why does it have to be DP?
and how do I know which resolution works for me?
Sorry I don't know jack shit about refresh rates and resolutions

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Also how do I remove the 31khz modes?

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>what adapter should I get?
The DeLOCK 62967 gets recommended for VGA and it also works fine for 15kHz output. The adapter does most the work so graphics card is less relevant as long as your drivers let you output a mode like that, from my experience most newer Nvidia cards have no problem, have tested a few myself, currently running a 2070S.

>Also got any proof?
This was on a 15kHz CRT.

Do make sure you get right modelines and don't do what OP did.
To support most home consoles and arcades, 224p, 240p at 59Hz, 59.6Hz and 60Hz will cover most bases and 288p 50Hz. Use a super resolution for aspect ratio correction, RA will switch to the closest mode itself with CRT SwitchRes and even if it's a mode that you don't have, you'll just have slight black bars or over/underscan with still 1:1 output and perfect aspect ratio.

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>Why can't I just use DVI to VGA or HDMI to VGA?
You'll just have to test, like I said in >>9037096

>why does it have to be DP?
DP has just less limitations, plus the adapter does the work, so it's a safer bet to know it works.

>and how do I know which resolution works for me?
For starters, try deleting EVERYTHING in CRU for the adapter that goes to your CRT TV (NOT your main display) and copy this one exactly: >>9037094
Restart and try again. Make sure your TV is turned off while you reboot your PC or it send 31kHz modes to it.

>Sorry I don't know jack shit about refresh rates and resolutions
Just glad you didn't break anything.

Like take the checkbox away from >>9033483 1024x768 so Windows can't accidentally select a 31kHz+ mode.
Delete all the other modes you've rated too, from the Extension block also.

Try putting in the mode I mentioned about: >>9037094 under "Detailed resolutions" on the very top. Also click edit on the top/right and make sure under Range limits it's set to V rate 50 - 60 Hz and H rate to 15 - 15 kHz with max pixel clock 60 MHz, check the box that says Include if slot available and press OK.

If you want to add more modes, add them under the extension block, like for 224p and 288p, but first start with 240p and make sure that works, don't do too much at once, otherwise you won't know where the problem is if you have one, go step by step. Good luck.

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I'm guessing PAL would be [email protected] and [email protected] try both sync polarities negative. If that doesn't work, try the polarities you haven't tried yet.

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