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>there are people in this thread right now who are not playing the NES port of Final Fantasy 3
Please explain.
Also, I didn't expect the Shaman sprite to be this cute.

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There's nothing to explain—FFVI is simply not that good, especially for replaying.

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Excuse me sir, but apparently you didn't read my post properly: what I'm referring to as "Final Fantasy 3" is the japanese NES version of Final Fatnasy 3. I bet you're thinking about the SNES Final Fantasy 3 in the US, also known as Final Fantasy 6 in Japan.

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Then why the fuck do you call it "port"

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Because I've just woken up

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>Because I've just woken up
Maybe you mean it's a port because FF3J was a famicom game and so it's a port from famicom to NES.

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>nobody plays at NES games anymore

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Because I already played through it twice as a kid. It's better than the remakes but still a very flawed game.

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The NES/Famicoml versions of FF and the NES versions of DQ are the bests; every other version compromises gameplay one way or another save perhaps for the PSX versions of FF1 and 2.

SNES versions of DQ2 also gets a pass but it's still not as good as NES version.

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I've played FF1 on NES and enjoyed it. I heard I should skip FF2. Are the fan translations of FF3 pretty decent?

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>NES port
You're a fucking retard

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>I heard I should skip FF2.
you're a fag for not playing games based on what reddit tells you

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>I heard I should skip FF2.
You shouldn't, FF2 is very fun, although it's drastically different from both FF1 and FF3.

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lol well did you enjoy it?

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Top level character names, anon.

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Port? Why would you call that a port?

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I enjoy playing both the NES version and the remake.

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Yes, it's a classic

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>I heard I should skip FF2

You heard wrong, it's the best one

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>it's the best one
Nope, but it's still good.

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>there are people in this thread right now who are not playing the NES port of Final Fantasy 3
When you made this thread you were the only person in it, so you must have been talking about yourself. Explain why you are not playing it.

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But I am playing it, anon

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Ignore the other three contrarians, FF2 is pretty awful. It's not unplayable, but it's just very awkward and clunky and badly designed in a plethora of ways. The NES version is especially bad because it has absolutely retarded levels of grinding in it.

If you absolutely must play it, play the PSP version.

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>NES version is especially bad because it has absolutely retarded levels of grinding in it.

There really isn't, all you need to do is emphasize on shields/agility/evasion; and as far as spells are concerned focus on one or two offensive spells + buffs + one of the many spells that OHKO enemies or equivalent

It can be challenging but that's a good thing. Having some challenge versus none at all is exactly why the NES versions of DQ/FF are the bests.

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I dont like sitting alone in a dark room and playing slow games, besides I would rather blow my brains out than touch a game with turd based combat

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There's no need to grind you stupid retard. You get enough exp and evasion from fighting regular battles, just wear a fuckin shield. Stop spreading misinfo you pussy

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>based game
>based character names

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Because it was released for the Famicom and people ported it to the NES.

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Every RPG that doesn't have ATB is unplayable

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It was never ported to the NES

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Then you lied. There was no one in the thread at that time not playing it.

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I too like the FFV port to SNES

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